Education : Top 25 Aberdeen High School California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Canadian Universities Catapult Central Michigan University City University of New York College of the Holy Cross Data Research Associates Georgetown University Illinois State University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Online Educator Pica Pojoaque Valley Schools Purdue University Sam Houston State University State University of New York United States Public Libraries University of California University of Central Florida University of Colorado, Boulder University of Illinois, Springfield University of Washington University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire U.S. Universities and Community Colleges Government : Top 25 Canadian Government Departments tments.html Congressional Quarterly Gopher Federal Communications Law Journal lj.html The Federal Register The File Room fileroom INFOMINE The Interfaith Alliance Internal Revenue Service The Jefferson Project Legal Information Institute LEGI-SLATE Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page 1990 U.S. Census LOOKUP lookup_doc.html O.J. Simpson Trial Court Transcripts lraven/simpson.html PeaceNet< /a> PoliticsNow The Seamless WebSite Statistical Abstract of the United States Thomas University of Michigan Economic Data Gopher b U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs U.S. ZIP Code Lookup and Address Information WashLaw WEB /washlaw.html The White House me.html The World Factbook 1995 tions/95fact/ Emory University Emory University in Atlanta, Ga., provides information here on its academic departments, courses of study and admissions requirements. Visitors will also find links to professional schools, research centers, job openings and student services. Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Tech maintains this home page offering visitors a look at the academic and social life on campus. Features include links to admissions, athletics, campus news, colleges and schools, research and student organizations. Georgia State University Georgia State University in Atlanta, Ga., maintains this site for general information and Internet resources. Visit here to learn about its academic and alumni/ae programs, career services, campus activities and more. Mercer University Mercer University, the world's second-largest Baptist-affiliated institution, is located in Macon, Ga. Its home page includes links to general and departmental information, tools for researchers and Web projects at Mercer. South Georgia College South Georgia College serves up its home page at this site. Find out more about the school and the University of Georgia through online brochures and catalogs. Southern College of Technology Southern Tech in Marietta, Ga., takes future students on a campus tour and provides them with the necessary information for enrollment. There's also information about Internet access, news and weather here. State University of West Georgia The State University of West Georgia in Carrollton offers this server, with information on the school's history, academics, jobs and resources. Visitors can view a clickable map of the campus, read online course materials or visit the Cool Sites to Surf page. University of Georgia, Athens The University of Georgia at Athens offers more than the standard school brochure at this site. Investigate student life via a visit to campus organizations online or by reading the extensive news and sports reports available. Education : Early Childhood Resources Flix Productions Animated Shareware At this site, find shareware from Flix Productions, a company that specializes in animated educational software. Descriptions, screenshots and download options are featured for such titles as Animated Old Testament, Animated Mother Goose and Animated Alphabet., provides an online index of parenting resources on the Internet. Visitors can read articles and books, chat with other parents, or perform a keyword search of its databases. Links to a variety of parenting centers and related businesses are also available. Education : Financial Aid American Indian College Fund, Annual Reports Visitors to this page will find links to the 1993 and the 1994 Annual Report of the American Indian College Fund. Contact info for the fund is also featured. College Money Matters Signet Bank's resource for money-hungry college students includes information on federal student aid, loan options and alternatives. Visitors here can browse the titles in Signet's virtual bookstore or read informational texts relating to college budget planning. CollegeNET CollegeNET, an online guide to universities in the United States and Canada, offers links to featured institutions and official home pages. Visitors will also find financial aid and scholarship information and a variety of academic resources. DO-IT at the University of Washington The DO-IT program at the University of Washington seeks to provide opportunities for study in the sciences to individuals with disabilities. Computer loans, scholarships and mentorships are among the strategies employed to further this goal. An outline of the program is provided at the DO-IT site. fastWeb (Financial Aid Search Through the Web) College-bound browsers will find a tool to help wade through the financial aid morass, with fastWEB's scholarship search. A wealth of information about financial aid is is provided for those on a scholarship search. FinAid: The Financial Aid Information Page The Financial Aid Information page, maintained by the author of a scholarship and fellowship guide book, is full of pointers to sites that help students navigate the world of financial aid. Visit here for the author's recommended financial aid sources, scam alerts, downloadable software and links to dozens of university and government information sites. Student Guide This Student Guide details financial aid programs available from the U.S. Department of Education. Includes a general overview of programs, descriptions of specific grants, work-study opportunities and loans. Student Services Student Services maintains a database of thousands of private sector scholarships, grants, fellowships and loans available to undergraduates and graduate students living in the U.S. Visitors can sample the database by keying in a major area of study. Education : Higher Education Resources Academe This Week Academe This Week is a service of "The Chronicle of Higher Education." Primarily a gopher server, the site offers "breaking news in higher education, "as well as pointers to academic resources on the Internet. Features a job bank for academes. Addison Wesley Longman This promotional site is the Web server of Addison Wesley Longman, parent corporation of the Addison-Wesley Publishing Group. Includes information about the parent organization as well as its subsidiaries and divisions. Alabama Industrial Development Training An institute of the state's Department of Postsecondary Education, Alabama Industrial Development Training presents this overview of its services. Links to its centers in Huntsville, Mobile and Montgomery, and its annual report and quarterly newsletter also are featured. Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Chapter, Auburn University Get the latest news from the Delta Chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity at Alabama's Auburn University. Visitors can find out "what's up with the tiger" or link to current and alumni brothers using the e-mail directory provided. American Academy of Arts and Sciences The American Academy of Arts and Sciences bestows honors on outstanding scholars in a wide array of academic fields. Read about the award program and its other projects aimed at highlighting and solving societal problems. Annual Reviews Annual Reviews is a nonprofit organization providing critical summaries of recent research advances in a variety of scientific fields. Users can search reviews online or order volumes of past publications at this site. Apple Education Worldwide Apple Computer's online educational home invites visitors to tour educational sites on the Web. Browsers can jump to news of Apple products designed for classroom use at all levels, seminars, promotions and more. In English, French and German. Association for Experiential Education This site's Boulder, Colo.-based creators advise that "experiential education is a process through which a learner constructs knowledge, skill and value from direct experiences." Find out more about the practical applications, link to other groups and browse related publications. Association of Midwest College Biology Teachers The Association of Midwest College Biology Teachers site contains a database of biology education resources, as well as details on seminars and conferences. Includes membership information and an online application. Brunel Directory Service Brunel University, UK, uses this directory service to locate people and organizations associated with the university. Brunel University Information Service Academic, faculty and research services, plus links to other college libraries and a directory of students, can be found at the home page for the UK's Brunel University. BUBL Information Service Web Server Although it originated in the UK as a bulletin board for libraries, BUBL has expanded to serve the country's academic and research communities as well. Visitors can search for Internet information and resources by using the the BUBL subject tree, keyword search or other services and tools. Caltech Alumni Remember your housemates from Caltech? Find out what they are up to now on the Caltech Alumni Web Server. Add your home page to the Caltech alumni computers or link up with classmates via newsgroups and e-mail lists. Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University offers this gopher server, with links to its biology, environmental, queer resources and English servers. Visitors can also access a variety of university-related info, including admissions guidelines, computing services and job listings, or peruse a collection of online magazines. Carnegie Mellon University Contributed Home Page Carnegie Mellon University's contributed Web features user-posted and maintained info relating to college life. Topics tackled include Usenet censorship, local bus schedules, library resources and more. Catapult JobWeb maintains this site to provide access to the Catapult, its career services guide. Visit here to use the university's employment resources, including job-search tools, career libraries, links to graduate schools and more. CAUSE CAUSE is a professional association whose members facilitate the "transformational changes occuring in higher education through the effective management and use of information resources." Visitors to the CAUSE home page can learn more about the organization, its current issues, professional development programs and publications. Center for Teaching and Learning at Duke The Center for Teaching and Learning, which supports faculty teaching at Duke University, provides an index to resources, services, publications, workshops and a staff directory at this site. CHANCE Database CHANCE is a quantitative literacy course drawing on statistics reported in daily newspapers and journals to improve the statistics knowledge and critical analysis capabilities of students. The CHANCE database contains course syllabi, reference materials and teaching aids. Chronicle of Higher Education The "Chronicle of Higher Education," the Bible of American academics looking for news and work, provides this gopher menu of its weekly features and news from around the nation and from its Washington, D.C., base. Visitors can also browse past issues. College of Education at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University The College of Education at Virginia Tech and State University features a profile of its programs and faculty on its home page. Check out the undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, visit the facilities and review the other resources available. College Prep Page The College Prep Page contains a wealth of links to resources for students planning for higher education -- from selecting a college to applying for financial aid to career planning. CollegeNET CollegeNET, an online guide to universities in the United States and Canada, offers links to featured institutions and official home pages. Visitors will also find financial aid and scholarship information and a variety of academic resources. Commonwealth of Learning The Commonwealth of Learning, an international organization composed of 53 member countries, works to widen access to education and improve its quality through the use of communication technologies and distance learning. This site provides information about the COL, its publications, archives and education programs. Communication and Education Resources This site explores the areas where education, communication and computer networks overlap. Visitors here can link to various research and educational institutions and find an index of periodicals related to communication studies. Communications Technology Center The Communications Technology Center provides information services to Washington state's community and technical colleges. Link to member colleges or access educational technology resources at this site. Community Research and Development Information Service Member states of the European Union share research and technology resources via CORDIS, the Community Research and Development Information Service. Access CORDIS databases, publications and policies here. In English, French and German. Compass in Cyberspace John Makulowich, the creator of what's widely acknowledged to be among the best journalism lists on the Internet, offers a course to teach professionals how to explore the Internet at the University of Maryland. You can sign up online but must attend in person. It costs $195. Council for the Renewal of Undergraduate Education The home page of Sweden's Council for the Renewal of Undergraduate education has information about the council's mission and links to projects and related information. The council promotes efforts to develop the quality and renewal of undergraduate education, awards grants and collects information. CourseServer The Northeast Parallel Architectures Center at New York's Syracuse University maintains this CourseServer for CPS600. Its purpose is to aid in the development, presentation and analysis of college course materials and student work. CTI Centre for Economics The CTI Centre for Economics, based at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, encourages the employment of learning technologies in British higher education. The institution's home page lists its services and related news and provides links to similar resources. Curry School of Education The home page for the Curry School of Education provides a wealth of information about the school's departments, academics, administration, technology and organizations. Visitors can also link to the University of Virginia's main home page from here. DANTE A European nonprofit company, DANTE was created to "provide advanced international computer network services for the European research community." Visitors to this page can find out more about DANTE, its EuropaNET network, and other projects. DANTE's publications are also featured. Dewey School of Education DeweyWeb is the University of Michigan's School of Education home page. Visitors will find articles and research related to the department as well as a chronicle of an on-going electronics communications project. Digital Campus Digital Campus is a comprehensive set of links that provides news and information on American colleges and universities. Visitors can link directly to higher educational facility Web servers. Division of Educational Programs The Division of Educational Programs of the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago maintains this site for general information and resource access. Visit here to learn about its higher education programs, technology training, catalog of research projects and more. Educom Educom, an alliance of institutions formed to address critical issues surrounding information technology in higher education, sponsors this comprehensive guide to the organization, its projects and its programs. Elderhostel The Elderhostel home page describes its innovative, varied educational study programs for older adults. Educational institutions around the world offer courses in everything from Cicero to computers. Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures The Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures site contains essays, syllabi and bibliographies for teaching. Experimental Study Group Biology Hypertextbook Learn biology over the Web with this "hypertextbook" developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Find instructional text, practice problems and self-administered quizzes here. Virtual students can contact tutors online from this site. Federal Information Exchange The Federal Information Exchange indexes a broad array of employment, equipment exchange and grant opportunities for educators and researchers looking for a piece of the federal pie. Find listings from minority colleges and universities, a used equipment network, and general research and employment initiatives. Fuzz's APhiO Pages Fuzz's site serves as the unofficial home page of the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity. Stop by the welcome center and pick up a map of the different chapters, or use the online chapter finder. General information about the fraternity, its administration and calendar of conferences is also available. Global Campus The Global Campus Web server is an extensive multimedia database offering resources for students and teachers around the globe. Visit this site to check out a wealth of educational materials, including documents, sounds, images and video. Globewide Network Academy The Globewide Network Academy is a nonprofit group of educational and research organizations that offer online courses as well as administrative and technical services. Educational institutions are welcome to join the consortium and individuals are asked to submit course applications. Groupe Ecole Superieure de Commerce Marseille-Provence Find out more about Le Groupe Ecole Superieure de Commerce Marseille-Provence, which represents 2,500 international exchange students. The Groupe ESCMP home page describes the group's history, departments, and research services. In French. Harvard Graduate School of Education The home page of the Harvard Grad School of Education is an electronic campus department catalog for potential students. It links browsers to academic and research programs, provides enrollment information and links to library and technical resources. Includes information on upcoming events and online campus publications. Hiroshima University, Information Processing Center This Hiroshima University site contains information on the school's information-processing center, its services and center staff. Includes links to users' personal pages and telephone and e-mail service. Information is in English and Japanese. Houghton Mifflin Company Houghton Mifflin, a Boston-based instructional text publisher, maintains this promotional site for company and product information. Visit here to learn about its wide range of educational materials, textbooks, and fiction and nonfiction titles for adults and children. IBM Kiosk for Education IBM's Kiosk for Education offers technology solutions for the higher education community. Find special hardware and software product promotions for students and educators. Indiana University, Honors Division Indiana University's Honors Division posts an overview of the program and a list of recommended courses on this page. Here, students can also browse through an electronic journal of art, fiction and poetry written by Honors students. Indiana University, School of Education Teaching teachers is the mission of the Indiana University School of Education. Brush up on the latest tricks of the trade or look into graduate study opportunities in the field here. Includes course descriptions and faculty listings. Information Network of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education InSITE explores ways in which the Internet can benefit teacher education programs around the world. Read about the society's mission and its research findings here. Institute of Computer Based Learning Located at Queens's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the Institute for Computer Based Learning is charged with assisting departments in the development of computer-based teaching and diagnostic materials. Visitors to its home page can find out more about the institute, as well as its teaching and research activities. Institute for Learning Technologies Developed by Columbia University as part of its Virtual Information Initiative, this site is the gateway to the Institute for Learning Technologies online offerings. The ILTweb contains academic, Internet and computer resource information. International Student Organisations The International Student Organisations provides a long index of student group sites here. It is sorted by discipline and includes human sciences, law and economics and general student groups. The information is provided by the German-based Association des Etats Generaux des Etudiants de l'Europe (AEGEE). Internet Headquarters for Student Governments The University of Missouri, Rolla, has compiled this catalog of university-level student governments across the globe. Link to over 100 official student government organizations. JANET JANET is the academic and research network of the United Kingdom. Visit JANET's Web home for a complete list of U.K. academic research servers and sites connected the network, as well as links to JANET documents and user groups. John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation provides fellowships for advanced professionals in all fields except the performing arts. General information about the foundation and fellowship eligibility, deadlines and application forms can be found here. Kansas Research and Education Network The Kansas Research and Education Network home page explains this educational information network. Details on KANREN's history and function are accompanied by instructions on the network's use and an electronic mail directory. Kaplan Educational Centers Kaplan claims to be the world's leader in standardized test preparation classes. At this promotional site visitors can learn about the company by downloading free games, visiting an online classroom or checking out the library. Knowledge Media Institute The Open University, an experimental higher educational campus in London, presents the home page for its Knowledge Media Institute. Visitors will find information on the program and related research. Learning Resource Server This "knowledge space" from the University of Illinois's College of Education offers links to various distributors of electronic learning resources for students and instructors. Visitors will find information on the college, in addition to such items as networking projects and online publications. Magpie: The Internet Educational Resources Guide The Internet Educational Resources Guide from the University of Wales at Aberystwyth features an index that includes Web sites, books, contacts, gopher sites, magazines and other educational resources. Provides search tools. Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction The Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction, an Arizona-based educational support organization, works to promote innovation and change in the community college environment. Visit here for general information, teaching resources, employment opportunities and more. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Student Information Processing Board The Student Information Processing Board of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology maintains this informational site. Visit here for Internet resources, campus Web servers, staff and student home pages, and other academic and administrative resources. Mensa Mensa is an international society whose members score in the top two percent of the population on standardized IQ tests. Visitors can read about the group here, join its special interest groups (SIGs) or scan the Mensa personal ads. MOREnet The Missouri Research and Education Network offers networked information resources "in support of education, research, public service and government." Explore the organization's gopher server at this informational site. Morris Campus Student Association This student government site contains general information on campus politics, resolutions and links to University of Minnesota, Morris, servers. Includes pointers to state and federal government organizations, related student government info and student services. National Center for Science Information Systems A Japanese Inter-University Research Institute, the National Center for Science Information Systems links libraries, research units and computer centers to provide researchers access to natural sciences, social sciences and humanities scholarship. Find out more about the center at this site. In Japanese and English. Navigating the Internet Class Projects The Computer Science Department at Florida State University provides this collection of student Web pages, which resulted from the department's "Navigating the Internet" class. Northwestern University, Institute for the Learning Sciences The Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University provides information on its graduate programs in learning, computer and cognitive science. The site includes information on its research, staff and students. Ohio Board of Regents Ohio's State Board of Regents describes its mission and offers what's new in higher education through its Web site. It includes links to Ohio state government along with profiles of the schools and programs. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, affiliated with the University of Toronto, Canada, maintains this site to introduce its people and programs. Visit here for news, publications, staff and student directories, course offerings and other academic resources. Open Net Australia's Open Net Educational Internet Services provides educational news, establishes educational partners, and lists courses of study, conferences and exhibitions. Includes employment listings and educational resources for teachers. Oxford University Press USA Visitors to this home page can learn about the venerable Oxford University Press USA. Information about the company's history and a catalog of its publications wait here alongside its customer service department and links to the publishing house's international branches. Peterson's Education Center Provided by publisher Peterson's Guides, this Education Center is a collection of Web resources for all levels and disciplines. Link areas include K-12, studying abroad, executive education and language study. Princeton University Press Visitors can browse academic titles published by Princeton University Press at this site. Ordering information and book catalogs are available here, along with a link to Boston University's Einstein Papers Project and other home pages related to scholarly publishing. Project Muse Project Muse digitizes and makes available all journals produced by the Johns Hopkins University Press. This site provides access to these electronic publications and the related database. Includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Queensland Open Learning Network The Queensland Open Learning Network operates 40 Open Learning Centers throughout Queensland, Australia. These centers provide resources for continuing and higher education and other training programs. This support site has the center's background and information about its resources and facilities. Scholarly Communications Project of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Visitors can search academic journals online, courtesy of the Scholarly Communications Project at Virginia Tech and State University. Includes general project info as well as a list of electronically accessible journals, publications and theses and dissertations. Scholars Presss: The Electronically Linked Academy The Scholars Press brings you the Electronically Linked Academy, which boasts links to scholarly presses, publications and societies. Find virtual exhibits, catalogs and networking opportunities aimed at an academic audience. SkillsBank Corporation The SkillsBank Corporation is an educational technology firm located in Baltimore, Md. Visitors will find descriptions of the company's products and services at this promotional site. Special Education, University of Kansas The Department of Special Education at the University of Kansas in Lawrence maintains this overview of its academic programs and research projects. Browsers can also meet the faculty, get an overview of its special technology lab and link to related Internet resources. State Council of Higher Education for Virginia The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia provides a searchable site with resources for colleges and universities from that state and from around the world. It also links to general Internet sites and weather reports for the local region. STEM~Net STEM~Net provides electronic resources for K-12, rural public colleges and Memorial Universities of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Visitors to its home page can access its numerous information and reference options as well as link to Canada's SchoolNet, SchoolNet Rings, and related Web sites and servers. STILE Project The STILE Project (Students and Teachers Integrated Learning Environment) is a resource for students of the World Wide Web. Based at the University of Leicester at Loughborough in the UK, the links include esoteric subjects ranging from Contemporary Crafts to Latin American Politics to images from various Archeological Studies. Sunergy Sun Microsystems unveils Sunergy, its interactive technology educational program, through this page. It features schedules of satellite TV broadcasts for its programs along with transcripts and audio clips. Sveriges Forenade Studentkarer The Swedish National Union of Students page links to information and background about the Swedish chapter of this international organization that promotes higher education and student welfare. It provides contact between the various unions and covers major issues of concern. Available in Swedish and English. Swedish National Union of Students The Swedish National Union of Students page links to information and background about the Swedish chapter of this international organization that promotes higher education and student welfare. It provides contact between the various unions and covers major issues of concern. Available in Swedish and English. Teacher Talk Teachers can share ideas with each other at the Mighty Media Teachers Lounge. Access to the online forum is free, but visitors must register first. Teachers College Columbia University's Teachers College introduces itself, its academic departments and admissions requirements via TCWeb. Find support services and information resources for the education profession at this site. Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association - College Retirement Equities Fund The Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association - College Retirement Equities Fund -- a retirement system for people employed at universities, schools and other nonprofit educational and research facilities -- maintains this gopher server offering a wealth of organizational, service and insurance information. Teaching and Learning Technology Programme The UK's Teaching and Learning Technology Programme, whose mission "is to make teaching and learning more productive and efficient by harnessing modern technology," provides this site with lists of projects, Web workshop details and newsletters. TELL Consortium The home page of the TELL Consortium -- a project designed to develop computer-based materials for higher education teaching and learning in the UK -- is located here. Browsers can read extensive information about the project's aims and products or link to affiliated home pages. TERENA Document Store The Trans-European and Education Networking Association (TERENA) works to encourage the development of a high-quality computer networking infrastructure for the European research community. Visitors here will get an overview of the association and its projects and can download its publications. The Times Higher Education Supplement Internet Service The Times Higher Education Supplement Internet Service (THESIS) provides news and employment opportunities from the post-compulsory education system worldwide. Visit here for news summaries, job listings, book reviews and databases. 21stC Columbia University offers an attractive online magazine, 21stC, at this site. It details for a general audience what Columbia's researchers are doing and why it matters. Topics run the research gamut, from viruses to English literature. U: The National College Magazine This page serves as an entryway into the world of the cyber-rag "U. Magazine." Departments include, u.views, u.pix and u.sports. UNI-net The International Studynet is part of UNI-net, an international network of European college students. Here the group provides links to student Web pages and to political and social activist sites. In English and Italian. University and College Education Students and researchers will find an index to American and international universities on the Web here. The page also contains information on financial aid, libraries and teaching resources. University of California, Berkeley, California Alumni Association The California Alumni Association of the University of California at Berkeley supplies updates, membership information, club listings and details on programs. Also featured are articles and an alumni calendar from "California Monthly" magazine. University of California, Santa Barbara, Instructional Development The Department of Instructional Development at the University of California, Santa Barbara, maintains this site with information about the university's academic departments, student services, research projects and more. University of California, Santa Cruz The banana slug, the unofficial mascot of the University of California, Santa Cruz, lends its name to this student service site. Visitors are apprised of upcoming student activities and hit with a pitch for the school's memorabilia and merchandise. University of Minnesota, College of Education and Human Development The University of Minnesota's College of Education and Human Development home page is designed to disseminate information about the school and provide educational resources to teachers. This site also links to Web66, a project to "ease" the Internet into precollege classrooms. University of Oregon, International Bulletin Board The University of Oregon serves up an online bulletin board providing browsers with access to international education info on its own campus and abroad. Check out international events and reference material here, or link to starter pages for exploring the World Wide Web. University of Oulu, Faculty of Education Finland's University of Oulu outlines what it teaches its future teachers at its Faculty of Education home page. In Finnish and English. University of Pennsylvania, Educational Technology Services The University of Pennsylvania presents the home page for its Educational Technology Services Department here. Visitors will find information on faculty, research and facilities, as well as links to related sites. Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute A directory of alumni from the Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute in Bombay, India, is featured here, along with a job listings page. There are also indexes of VJTI news and links, plus information on the VJTI Alumni Association. Web Pages and Gophers of Scholarly Societies The Scholarly Societies Project of Canada's University of Waterloo maintains this site for its index of links to other scholarly societies. Visitors can browse for institutions by name and subject and link directly from this page. World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Conferences Scholars, scientists and other professionals can stay abreast of symposia and events in their fields with the scheduling information available here. Visitors to this searchable site can retrieve worldwide conference schedules and announcements by subject, date or location of event. World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Education The World Wide Web Virtual Library provides this searchable, comprehensive list of links to education resources and sites. Links are categorized alphabetically, by education level, resource provided, site type and country. World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Educational Technology The Educational Technology section of the World Wide Web Virtual Library provides a massive list of links to sites relating to educational software and other electronic educational projects. Heavy on software archives, the list includes brief descriptions of the links provided. Education : K-12 Resources Aberdeen High School The Aberdeen High School home page provides information on the Mississippi school's facilities, programs and activities. Includes Internet guidebooks, lessons on Netiquette, community information, local home pages and links to various Web sites. Academic Resource Center The Academic Resource Center for the gifted students of Leon County, Fla. maintains this site featuring general information and educational materials. Visit here to find an extensive index of teaching and learning resources, program updates, contact information and more. Academy One An international online education resource for students, teachers and parents, Academy One features projects and special events for the K-12 crowd. Find information about this "global classroom without walls" and links to related sites. Access Excellence High school biology teachers are connected with scientists, scientific information and each other through the online network, Access Excellence. The national education program is sponsored by Genentech, Inc. Activities Integrating Mathematics and Science Educational Foundation The AIMS Education Foundation -- Activities Integrating Mathematics and Science -- maintains this site as a resource for its K-9 educational program. Primarily for educators, browsers can access an AIMS discussion forum, a puzzle corner, and an extensive activity archive containing classroom exercises. Akatsukayama High School html Akatsukayama High School is located in Kobe, Japan. Visitors to the institution's home page will find general information about academics, students and events. Links are provided to other Japanese high schools' Web sites. Ann Arbor Community High School Michigan's Ann Arbor Community High School articulates its mission to "prepare our students to be productive citizens, lifelong learners, and responsible, autonomous individuals" at its home page. Visitors can explore student home pages and keep up with current school events. Answers to Commonly Asked "Primary and Secondary School Internet User" Questions This long, practical guide provides detailed answers to numerous questions about Internet use for educating the K-12 set. Graphics free but content rich, the document includes a glossary. Anthology A project of the Virginia Public Education Network, Anthology is a first step in developing a client-server system accessible by the state's K-12 teachers and students. Visitors to the Anthology home page can learn more about the project and its aims. Appalachia Educational Laboratory A nonprofit corporation in Charleston, W.Va., the Appalachia Educational Laboratory performs research and development services for education agencies. This searchable site provides info on AEL success stories, plus links to regional and other educational resources. Appetizers and Lessons for Math and Reason The Appetizers and Lessons for Math and Reason site is an online math and logic classroom. Grade school students learn how to use rules and patterns or click math lessons covering everything from basic arithmetic to calculus. Apple Education Worldwide Apple Computer's online educational home invites visitors to tour educational sites on the Web. Browsers can jump to news of Apple products designed for classroom use at all levels, seminars, promotions and more. In English, French and German. AskERIC The Educational Resources Information Center offers access to its lesson plans, collections and searchable database. Links to related ERIC sites and other educational resources are also featured. Bellevue Public Schools Bellevue Public Schools in Bellevue, Wash. maintains this site with links to its area schools and community resources. Visit here to browse its index of elementary, middle and high schools, and learn about its educational and local outreach programs. Bellingham Public Schools Visitors are invited to enter the electronic classrooms of Bellingham, Wash.'s elementary, middle and high school system at this site. Find city's schools, administrative offices and even a student art gallery online. Blake School The home page of the Blake School in Minnesota features a high school literary arts magazine, "FLASH," along with general information about the school, its faculty and academic programs. Visitors are invited to peruse the online art gallery of student works. Boulder Valley School District At Colorado's Boulder Valley School District home page, students can access electronic research sources and teachers can find curriculum ideas online. Links to individual schools in the district are also featured. Branson School The Branson School is an experimental independent secondary school in Ross, Calif., focusing on utilizing new educational technologies to enhance the learning environment. Includes descriptions of new programs, school restructuring strategies and Quicktime videos. Bronx High School of Science The Bronx High School of Science is a public New York school that specializes in the sciences. This home page provides general information about departments, science computing and policies. Interested students can learn more about the people involved by linking to a selection of faculty, student and organization home pages. Canada's SchoolNet Canada's SchoolNet brings teachers and students a wealth of online educational resources and activites. Explore the Web from an educator's prospective. In French and English. CEARCH Virtual Schoolhouse The Cisco Educational Archive is a library of links to K-12 resources. Visitors can search this virtual schoolhouse for links in all academic subjects. Search engines for other educational levels and specialized subjects are included. Cedar Lane Center The Cedar Lane Center is a public high school in Vienna, Va. Its site contains a message from the principal, a calendar of events, and a "cedar chest" brimming with educational resources. Center for Excellence in Education Founded by Admiral H. G. Rickover (father of the Nuclear Navy) in McLean, Va., the Center for Excellence in Education sponsors the Research Science Institute, a six-week summer research internship for America's brightest students in science and math. This site provides information about the program, past participants and other CEE projects and events. Center for the New Engineer The Center for the New Engineer (CNE), a project funded by U.S. Department of Defense, aims to create new approaches in engineering- and science-based education. Visit this site to learn about the CNE's activities and staff, publications, tutorial modules and K-12 educational resources. ChemCAI: Instructional Software for Chemistry Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada, features resources for chemistry educators through its Web site. Digital textbook chapters and other materials can serve as alternatives to traditional teaching methods. The pages also include downloadable software. Cisco Educational Archives Cisco Systems, a supplier of interactive network solutions for schools and businesses, maintains this online educational archive and resources catalog (CEARCH) featuring a keyword search engine. Other features at this site include a meta-library called the Virtual Schoolhouse and information about the sponsoring company. Classroom Connect Educators can look to Classroom Connect for pointers and guides to educational resources on the Web. Link to software and info of interest and benefit to the K-12 set. Common Knowledge: Pittsburgh This site provides information about Common Knowledge: Pittsburgh, a collaborative project started by the Pittsburgh Public Schools, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and the University of Pittsburgh. CK:P is aimed at developing a computer networking infrastructure for educational uses. Visitors here can find out about the project's design and progress. Computer as Learning Partner The mission of the "Computer as Learning Partner" project at the University of California at Berkeley is to faciliate science education for middle school students nationwide. Find out about CLP's conceptual framework and instructional approach at this Web site, as well as info about their curriculum and software. Consortium for School Networking The Consortium for School Networking advocates getting K-12 schools wired. It offers an overview of its projects on this gopher server and includes menus on networking, conferences and legislation. Cyber High School Cyber High School is a college preparatory school offering classes via the Internet. Visitors can learn about the philosophy behind this alternative school, how it operates and what kind of curriculum if follows. Admissions information is also available. Cyberspace Middle School Designed for students in the sixth through ninth grades, the Cyberspace Middle School provides links to educational activities on the Web. Features also include links to the home pages of middle schools across the country, a teacher's resource center and a special announcements board. Desert View High School Arizona's Desert View High School site features information of interest to students, including an electronic magazine, Internet tools and a link to a page for Native American students. Drexel Hill School of the Holy Child Pennsylvania's Drexel Hill School of the Holy Child is a Catholic co-ed institution more than 65 years old. This page gives visitors a brief rundown of its math, computer, science, social studies and foreign language classes. EdLinks EdLinks, a project of Marshall University, provides an extensive index to educational Web pages. It is organized into commercial, general, government, library and newsgroup categories. Education Showcase This promotional page is the Internet home of Education Showcase, an Internet publishing company that helps other companies market to schools through the Internet. Includes descriptions of products, services and customer support. Educational Online Sources The Educational Online Sources is meant to be a first stop for educators exploring the Internet's potential as a teaching tool. This introductory page explains the EOS project and offers a link into the source list. Educational Space Simulations Project The Educational Space Simulations Project is sponsored by the Houston Independent School District and Rice University. Visitors to this page will find information on projects that combine technological simulations with educational programs for children. EdWeb EdWeb is a site dealing with educational reform. Voted by "NetGuide Magazine" as one of the 50 best places to go online, EdWeb offers insightful ideas about improving education in schools around the world with the help of online services such as the Web. Site includes some links to a number of worthy home pages. EE-Link The mission of EE-Link, Environmental Education on the Internet, is to help educators and students explore the environment and investigate current issues. EE-Link comes complete with classroom resources, organizations, an educational directory, regional information and more. Enlaces Project Information Service The Chilean Ministry of Education's Enlaces Project is designed to study the cost and effectiveness of placing computers in elementary and secondary schools. This site outlines the project, in English and Spanish, and provides links to Chilean education servers. Environmental Education Network The Environmental Education Network is a collaborative effort of educators, private industry and the environmental community to bring environmental education online. Includes links to libraries, databases, marketplaces and user participation sites. ERIC/Clearinghouse on Reading, English and Communication The Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) Clearinghouse on Reading, English and Communication provides educational materials, services and coursework to parents, educators and students interested in the language arts. Includes an online bookstore, up-to-date bibliographies and research digests. Exploratorium ExploraNet is the San Francisco Exploratorium's World Wide Web presence. This site is a collection of electronic exhibits and resources for teachers, students and science enthusiasts. Explorer At the Explorer Web site browsers can view a database of resources for K-12 mathematics and science education. The database is a joint project of the Great Lakes Collaborative and the University of Kansas, and is funded by the U.S. department of Education. Explores! At Florida Explores, visitors can read about the state's efforts to implement the NAOO Direct Readout Satellite Ground Station Program in K-12 education. Check out a wealth of Florida-related resources here, including weather, satellite imagery, data sets and more. Far West Laboratory One of 10 regional educational laboratories created by Congress in 1966, the Far West Laboratory (FWL) provides services and expertise to the education communities in Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. This organizational site explains FWL's range of services, and provides topical updates and information. Fermilab Education Office Information on education programs of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory are the focus of this site. Also included are course materials and teachers' resources, including a quarterly journal. Fermilab is home to the world's most powerful particle accelerator, the Tevatron. German-American School The German-American School in San Francisco features information about its recognized German foreign school program through this page. The school includes educational opportunities for K-12 students. In English and German. Gifted Resources The Gifted Resources home page provides "a convenient starting point for gifted students, their parents and educators." Visit here for links to talent searches, summer programs, distance learning opportunities, scholarship information and more. Global Student News Global Student News seeks to provide a forum for sharing ideas useful to students and educators involved in news media. Using Internet distribution as a springboard, the site offers learning tools to get student online publications up and running. Global Network Navigator Select: Education This page, from the larger Global Network Navigator site, offers an overview of and links into the Education Center, "a resource dedicated to providing educators with dynamic curricula, projects, and connections." Find reading and language, math, social studies and American History covered. GLOBE Program The GLOBE Program unites students, teachers and scientists for the study of the environment. At its home page, GLOBE explains its organizational philosophy, describes current projects and programs. Grand River Elementary Students Currently inactive, the Grand River Elementary School home page was touted as the first assemblage of Web pages done by fifth graders. Elementary educators and students new to the Web will find this experimental model helpful in setting up their own pages. Hillside Elementary School Web 66, a project to introduce K-12 educators and students to Web publishing, hosts this home page for Hillside Elementary School, of Cottage Grove, Minn. Visitors will find school information here, as well as home pages from various classrooms. Hinsdale Township High School District 86 The Hinsdale Township High School District Number 86 makes its home on this page. Visitors can read about the Illinois school district, including its history, staff and students. Hoffer School Hoffer Elementary School offers information here on its photography and media-related student projects. Check out group pictures, past exhibits from the California Museum of Photography and highlights of the children's other Internet adventures. Houghton Mifflin Company Houghton Mifflin, a Boston, Mass.-based instructional text publisher, maintains this promotional site for company and product information. Visit here to learn about its wide range of educational materials, textbooks, and fiction and nonfiction titles for adults and children. Houston Independent School District The Houston Independent School District maintains this site, called "Armadillo," detailing its student demographics, instructor salaries and personnel profiles. Link to the School Board's "Declaration of Beliefs and Visions" for info on the district's restructuring initiatives. I*EARN The I*EARN page introduces browsers to a network resource involved with international education. Focusing on children 6 to 19, the resource offers global telecommunication opportunities for projects that promote "a meaningful difference" to people and to planet Earth. Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth This Web site provides details on programs sponsored by the Center for Talented Youth and Center for Academic Advancement at Johns Hopkins University's Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth. Includes talent-search information. Institutional Communications Network Provided under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Education's Institutional Communications Network project, this gopher offers a diverse collection of educational material including program overviews, statistics, initiatives, software and more. Interactive Frog Dissection This interactive, online tutorial leads visitors through the dissection of a frog. Designed for high school biology labs, this electronic frog has an advantage over the formaldehyde-packed kind: it can be used over and over. Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections is a free service linking teachers and students with e-mail partners in other countries and cultures. At this site you can read about projects and programs, subscribe to IECC or search the archives. International Olympiad in Informatics The International Olympiad in Informatics is an annual computer science competition for seniors at secondary schools around the world. Visitors will find rules and regulations, previous competition task lists and information on the upcoming competition. Internet Access for Polish High Schools The Internet home of the "Internet dla Szkol" project in Poland details plans to provide full Net access to all Polish high schools and train students and teachers about basic Internet services. Visitors can read about the project in Polish or English. Internet for Learning RM is a company supplying Internet technology to grade schools in the United Kingdom. The Internet for Learning home page describes RM's subscription service which features direct Internet connections, technical support, a filtered news service, POP mail and a home page creation option. Internet for Minnesota Schools Internet for Minnesota Schools is a joint public project that helps Minnesota K-12 educators use the Internet as a teaching tool. It also provides Internet access and software. This site contains links to instructional resources and to many Minnesota schools. Jason Project The Jason Foundation for Education offers this Web site devoted to providing information about the Jason Project, a national program designed to bring eductional technologies to high schools across the U.S. Visitors can read pages on Jason Project news bulletins, discussion groups, student and teacher resources or learn how to participate. Jason VI: Island Earth The Jason Project sponsors an annual scientific expedition that is covered electronically for students in grades 4 - 8. The sixth expedition, which explored Hawaii and the inside of a volcano, took place in 1995 and is detailed here. Jon's Home-School Resource Page Parents interested in homeschooling will find a wealth of resources at this Web site, including newsgroups and mailing lists, a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and links to homeschooling sites all over the Internet. Junior Achievement Purpose/Facts Santa Clara's Junior Achievement program maintains this site featuring links to information about its local programs. Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and volunteer info can also be found. K-12+ Servers Visitors will find an index to K-12+ educational servers here. The index includes state, international and government categories. Kaplan Educational Centers Kaplan claims to be the world's leader in standardized test preparation classes. At this promotional site visitors can learn about the company by downloading free games, visiting an online classroom or checking out the library. Kids Web: A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids Kids Web, part of the Syracuse University Living Schoolbook Project presents a wide-ranging digital library for school kids. Included are links to the arts, sciences, social studies and other items of educational value -- and interest -- to children. Links to other digital libraries are also available. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ELSI Project Explore Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in science at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's ELSI Project. The information here is geared toward teachers and students at a middle school level, with discussions of the politics of cancer, genetics, pollution and privacy. Learning in Motion Learning in Motion is a corporate producer of K-12 educational software. Visitors will find information and demos of the company's math, science and multimedia note-taking programs. Includes a list of "top 10 educational sites" on the Web. Learning Web at the U.S. Geological Survey The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) maintains The Learning Web, a page dedicated to K-12 education, exploration and learning. This page contains curricula resources and information about a variety of Earth-related topics. Lexington Bicycle Safety Program Bicycle safety comes to the World Wide Web through this site from the Lexington Bicycle Safety Program. The nonprofit organization features a curriculum kit for elementary school teachers and a video public service announcement featuring U.S. sports celebrities. Los Alamos Middle School The Los Alamos Middle School home page offers a calendar of events and links to the student newspaper through its New Mexico-based site. It also has links to educational hot spots and home pages created by students. Low Bentham County Primary School Low Bentham County Primary School in North Yorkshire, England, offers an introduction to its teachers, students and local community at this site. Visit here for student home pages, children's stories, village scenery and more. Madison Middle School 2000 At the central Web site for Madison Middle School 2000, of Madison, Wis., visitors will find school news, updates on student projects, and information about life in Madison. Magpie: The Internet Educational Resources Guide The Internet Educational Resources Guide from the University of Wales at Aberystwyth features an index that includes Web sites, books, contacts, gopher sites, magazines and other educational resources. Provides search tools. Mankato Area Schools Residents of Blue Earth County in Minnesota can check in with their school system here. Parents can take virtual tours of the schools, download educational software and check the latest school news. A search function and staff directory are also posted here. MathMagic MathMagic is a project for K-12 students to solve math problems while using the Internet. The challenges are split into grade groupings, with current and past puzzles available. Teachers can use this site to prompt discussions and carry on what kids learn. Registration costs, but unregistered visitors can work the problems, too. MathMol MathMol (Mathematics and Molecules) from New York University serves as an introduction to the field of molecular modeling. Features here include a software archive, library of structures, a special section on water and MathMol for the K-12 set. MECC MECC, a leading producer of children's software, posts a company overview and product list on this promotional page. It includes a software primer for parents and links to dozens of child advocacy groups on the Web. Michigan Department of Education The Michigan Department of Education gopher facilitates communication between the department and the Michigan education community with access to Internet-based educational resources, including the state board of education, school reports, educational technology and funding. MidLink Magazine "MidLink Magazine" is an interactive publication for children ages 10 to 15. Includes an index to articles and activities, links to other publications for school-age children and teens, a book fair, and other educational resources. Minnesota New Country School At the Minnesota New Country School's site visitors will get an overview of the Le Sueur, Minn., school and staff and a look at the students' artwork and home pages. Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science Located in Columbus, the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science is a high school for academically talented students. Visitors to this home page will find information about the campus and the school's disciplinary approaches, news, and publications. Monroe Middle School Monroe Middle School in Green River, Wyo., maintains this site for student projects, school resources, faculty profiles and more. Visit here to learn about the school and link to its Internet directory. Monta Vista High School Monta Vista High School, located in Cupertino, Calif., maintains this informational site. Visit here for a school profile, links with community information, and other Internet-based educational resources. Montgomery County Intermediate Unit Find out how public education is governed in the state of Pennsylvania at the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit home page. A calendar and links to the MCIU Educational Technology Newsletter are also provided. Mountain Lake Software This promotional site is the Web home of Mountain Lake Software, a California-based publisher of educational software. Visitors can learn more about the company, its products and services, plus find product demos and other free offers. NASA Lewis Research Center HPCC/IITA K-12 Program The NASA Lewis Research Center provides this site with information about the High Performance Computing and Communications/Information Infrastructure Technology Applications K-12 Program, an educational program designed to increase the computer literacy of K-12 students. NASA Online Educational Resources This is NASA's online outreach program to the educational community. Visitors will find articles, videos and animation on astronomy and space exploration. Links are provided for educational resources throughout NASA. National Energy Foundation The National Energy Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to the development of energy-related instructional materials, teacher training and student programs. This site has more information about the foundation and features a materials catalog and details for ordering. National Regional Educational Laboratories Supported in part by the U.S. Dept. of Education, these educational research and development labs are networked regionally, and linked via this Web page. Each lab supports different services and resources: video conferencing, discipline-specific consortiums, virtual libraries, and a variety of resources and tools for educators. Net-Happenings Net-happenings is a service that allows educational network staffers and K-12 educators to inform other Internet users of online educational events and resources. Visitors here can search through archived listings or submit their own Net-based learning tools for publicity. New Horizons Regional Education Center New Horizons Regional Education Center operates high school programs for autistic and emotionally disturbed children from the Hampton, Va., area. The school focuses on three developed programs: Career-Technical Education, Governor's School for Science and Technology and Special Education. Visitors here can learn more about the programs, get campus information or link to related resources. New Tools for Teaching This report from James J. O'Donnell at the University of Pennsylvania on Internet-based teaching tools, provides an overview of the communications, archiving and information search resources of the growing electronic network. Includes help for beginners. NonEuclid: Geometry Software Visit this page to learn about a Rice University software package that offers "an interactive simulation of the Poincare Model of Hyperbolic Geometry for use in high school and undergraduate education." Find an introduction to the software and a discussion of the model it presents. North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Public Schools of North Carolina provides DPI InfoWeb, an education-related information service for both the educators and citizens of the state. Among the features available are an educators' resource center, an Internet library, a personnel directory and a facts and figures file. Northeast & Islands Regional Laboratory The Regional Laboratory for Educational Improvement of the Northeast and Islands profiles the multistate effort. Find out how a coalition of educators, policy makers and parents are trying to ensure that all children learn and achieve. Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit The Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit provides programs and services supporting quality education in Pennsylvania. Its home page offers news, Internet beginners' tutorials and contact information. On-Line Visual Literacy Project From Pomona College in Claremont, Calif., the On-Line Visual Literacy Project presents audio, animation and text to explain the rudiments of visual communication. Among the basic visual elements explored are dots, lines, shape, hue, motion, value and direction. Online Educator The Online Educator is an online and print subscription-based magazine that provides Internet educational tools. This site has an index of hot links for teachers, sample articles from the print edition and other information. Patch American High School Located at Patch Barracks, headquarters for the United States European Command (US EUCOM) in Stuttgart, Germany, Patch American High School welcomes visitors to the site of the first high school Web server in Europe. The school's academics, extracurricular and multi-curricular activities are highlighted. Pathways to School Improvement Visitors to this page will find a gateway to Pathways to School Improvement, a service filled with resources for teaching professionals. Peddie School The Peddie School site contains information on the college-prep boarding school's admissions policies, academic programs and mission statement. Includes descriptions of the Hightstown, N.J., school's nonacademic programs and summer classes and info on high-tech projects. Peterson's Education Center Provided by publisher Peterson's Guides Inc., this Education Center is a collection of Web resources for all levels and disciplines. Link areas include K-12, studying abroad, executive education and language study. Pine View High School Pine View High School in Saint George, Utah, presents general information about the school and its educational programs via PantherNET. Visit here to learn aboutthe school's students and teachers, access student Web sites, download Internet search tools, and more. Pojoaque Valley Schools The home page of northern New Mexico's Pojoaque Valley Schools contains links to high and middle school pages by students and faculty, a gallery of student art, poems and a guest book. This page also includes links to other Web sites and the district's other servers. Princeton Regional Schools This site provides general information about the schools and students of Princeton, N.J.'s Regional School District. Here browsers will find school board items, links to specific schools and more. Project GeoSim Project GeoSim is a research program at Virginia Tech to develop educational software modules for introductory geography courses. Site features include listings of completed modules, links to the project library and links to other information servers at the university. Quest: NASA K-12 Internet Initiative Quest is a NASA sponsored K-12 Internet initiative to provide support and services for teachers and students to fully utilize the Internet as a basic tool for learning. Includes links to NASA researchers, research sites and online interactive activities. Reece High School Reece High School in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia, provides a place for the school's students to publish their work and learn about Internet communication technologies. A collection of student work is available, including Haiku poetry and Reece's electronic magazine, "Troncartee." Riley High School Teachers and students at Indiana's Riley High School showcase their downloadable software creations at the school's home page. Includes a school profile, photos and access to an alumni page. Rockingham School The home page for Rockingham School of Halifax, Nova Scotia, contains an interactive image map and links to student home pages, educational resources, and staff information. SchoolsNET Australia's Melbourne-based SchoolsNET is dedicated to providing Internet access and online educational resources to schools. Its home page provides teachers and students alike with links to online course materials, electronic conferences and virtual field trips. SchoolWeb Exploration Project SchoolWeb aims to get primary and secondary schools up on the Web by having its sponsors offer disk space, accounts and technical support to these educational institutions. Educators can read more about the project here. Science Bytes Visit here to find the University of Tennessee's electronic magazine for the K-12 crowd, "Science Bytes." Each issue seeks to educate and inspire young minds by describing current research at the university. Sidwell Friends School The home page of the Sidwell Friends School, located in Washington, D. C., features an Internet guide for faculty and students. Visitors to the site can read about the computing resources at the school and get information about academic programs, faculty and alumni activities. Sites for Educators This site provides a comprehensive list of links to sites for educators, including various search engines, resources from the state of Oregon, and resources in the humanities, sciences and mathematics. SkillsBank Corporation The SkillsBank Corporation is a educational technology firm located in Baltimore, Maryland. Visitors will find descriptions of the company's products and services at this promotional site. StarChild The StarChild Project is a NASA educational initiative aimed at providing learning experiences to K-12 students. Find astronomy-related topics discussed and demonstrated in fun and easy terms at this site. STEM~Net STEM~Net provides electronic resources for K-12, rural public colleges and Memorial Universities of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Visitors to its home page can access its numerous information and reference options as well as link to Canada's SchoolNet, SchoolNet Rings, and related Web sites and servers. Tasmanian Department of Education, Community and Cultural Development The Tasmanian Department of Education, Community and Cultural Development presents an index to schools, colleges, the state libary and educational programs here. There's also a pointer to the Australian government home page. Teacher Talk The Teacher Talk home page, provided by the Center for Adolescent Studies at Indiana University, is an online publication for preservice, secondary education teachers. Visit here for current and back issues, a topic list, and related resources. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Va., maintains this site for student home pages, clubs news, and campus athletics and activities updates. Includes index of Internet resources. Urban Education Web UEweb is dedicated to assisting urban students and those who teach, guide and mentor them. Among other features, this "Clearinghouse on Urban Education" includes urban and minority family resources, topical publications, education materials, and links to ERIC (library) databases. Viking Network Web Targeting its presentations to primary and secondary schools, the Viking Network Web separates myth from fact to present the lifestyle, travels and heritage of the Viking people. The network is a joint project of the Local History Resource Centre in Fetsund, Norway, and the Summerhill Education Centre in Aberdeen, Scotland. Virtual FlyLab Scientists at California State University have devised the Virtual FlyLab to enable viewers to "play the role of a research geneticist." Custom design fruit fly matings to create personalized mutations, learning the correct rules of genetic inheritance as you go. Virtual Science Forum A virtual science fair, complete with registration, judging and prizes is held annually at this site. Browse the sample exhibits or obtain entry information at this educational site. Vocal Point "The Vocal Point," an online monthly newspaper assembled by students at Centennial Middle School in Boulder, Colo., tackles a new topic each issue. Visitors can check out the current and back issues or link to the Boulder Valley School District's home page. Vose School Education Resources Look at educational resources on the Internet through the eyes of an Oregon teacher. A special introduction to the Internet for students and education professionals, this site walks beginners through electronically available school and academic subject sites. Wangaratta Primary School Australia's rural Wangaratta Primary School posts fun Aussie activities for children on this page. Introductions to its students and a list of nontraditional gender occupations are also featured. Weather Unit The Weather Unit provides links to K-12 lessons in a variety of disciplines, including math, science, reading, drama, social sciences and other areas of study. This page also links to the Collaborative Lesson Archive. Web 66 The Web 66 Project seeks to facilitate integration of Internet technology into K-12 curricula. Includes information on Web resources for educators, links to a pilot program, and instructional guides for setting up and operating a server. WebEd Curriculum Links Started in 1993 as one man's project to find Web resources to support his school district's curriculum, WebEd Curriculum Links is now a thorough listing of K-12 sites hosted by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's server. Categories here include links to sites for children and teachers, humanities subjects, reference, news, and college and career information. Whales: A Thematic Web Unit Teachers can use this site's lesson plans, homework suggestions and book reviews to teach a unit on whales. The site, maintained by a graduate student in education, also includes a project gallery and activities for students that involve whales. Whole Frog Project The Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory ITG "Whole Frog" Project is designed to introduce concepts of computer-based 3D visualization and demonstrate 3D imaging of a frog's anatomy as a high school biology teaching aid. This site provides step-by-step information on using computers to create 3D images. World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Education The World Wide Web Virtual Library provides this searchable, comprehensive list of links to education resources and sites. Links are categorized alphabetically, by education level, resource provided, site type and country. World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Educational Technology The Educational Technology section of the World Wide Web Virtual Library provides a massive list of links to sites relating to educational software and other electronic educational projects. Heavy on software archives, the list includes brief descriptions of the links provided. WWW Servers Hosted at CNIDR Hosted by the Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval, this page provides several pointers to K-12 education-oriented servers on the Web. Links range from "Janice's K12 Cyberspace Outpost" to "Presidential Awardees Internet Pilot." Education : Libraries Alex: A Catalogue of Electronic Texts on the Internet Alex: A Catalogue of Electronic Texts on the Internet, is a browsable gopher server that allows visitors to find and retrieve full-text documents including more than 700 books from Project Gutenberg, Wiretap, the On-line Book Inititiative, the Eric system at Virginia Tech, the English server at Carnegie-Mellon and the online portion of the Oxford Text Archive. Alexicon Alexican, the information service of the National Library of the Netherlands, maintains this site for library and Internet resources. Visit here to access its collection of published works, perform a keyword search of its database and find link to guest organizations. In Dutch and English. Ameritech Library Services Ameritech Library Services provides products and services for libraries. This site supplies academic news and information on Ameritech's products and customer-support services. Includes an electronic newsletter. Association of Research Libraries The Association of Research Libraries articulates the concerns of research libraries, influences policy development and supports innovation in research library operations. ARL programs, statistics and publications are available here. Bibliographical Society of America The Bibliographical Society of America, a New York-based scholarly society for the textual and bibliographical study of books, maintains this informational site. Visit here for recent publications, officer profiles, fellowship information and links to related Web sites. Les Bibliotheques de l'Universite du Quebec a Montreal The Universite du Quebec a Montreal has built an online virtual library at this site. In French. BIBSYS BIBSYS is an online collective library system of all Norwegian University libraries, the National Library and a number of research libraries. A free service for Internet users, it provides access to 1.8 million bibliographic records. In Norwegian and English. Birmingham Public Library The Birmingham Public Library home page contains a description of the library system and its collections. Includes details on the Alabama library's departments, access to its catalog and links to Web navigation tools. Bladen Library The University of Toronto's Scarborough Campus library is online here. Visitors can search its catalogue or link to other pages in the University system from this site. Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford The Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford supplies readers' guides to many of its offerings, including its Japanese Library, Law Library and Indian Institute Library. It also provides Bodleian Access to Remote Databases (BARD), Web links and a listing of items from the Bodleian Shop. Brigham Young University Libraries Information Network Brigham Young University hosts this Web site with a wealth of information on its library services. Check out library news, projects, exhibits, records and projects, or access catalogs, reference tools and databases here. Visitors can also link to the text-based library system via telnet, or read "BYLINE: The Next Generation," a hyper-text interface to the library's online catalog. BUBL Information Service Although it originated in the UK as a bulletin board for libraries, BUBL has expanded to serve the country's academic and research communities as well. Visitors can search for Internet information and resources by using the the BUBL subject tree, keyword search or other services and tools. California State Library You won't need a library card at the California State Library page, but if you want to know more about this state's library system, this is the place to check out. A greeting from the state librarian, details including locations, hours and staffing, and an overview of library service are all available here. CARL Corporation The CARL Corporation markets the CARL System, a turnkey library management system, as well as other products and services to libraries and information providers. Browsers can learn about the company, its products and services, and access online references. Carrie The University of Kansas posts Carrie, a full-text electronic library. Visitors can browse through the stacks or download information from the Kansas Collection. The library also contains periodicals and daily news. Center for Research Libraries The nonprofit Center for Research Libraries seeks to give scholarly researchers access to material they don't often see in North America. Foreign language science and technology journals, foreign dissertations, and government documents from overseas are some of the titles available. Centre de Ressources Informatiques de l'Université de Rennes 1 At the home page for the Center for Information Resources at the University of Rennes in France, visitors can look up staff, check the library catalogues and research, or link to on and off-campus sites. French only. Chicago Public Library The Chicago Public Library unveils its experimental Web server, providing the masses with access to Internet resources and services. Visitors will find the library's catalog, events listings, and links to sites offering information on Chicago and Illinois. Columbia University Libraries LibraryWeb is the main information site of the Columbia University Libraries. Resources provided here are library search tools; electronic texts, journals and images; and Internet subject guides. CoOL Conservation OnLine (CoOL) posts full text files here for people who preserve library and museum materials. The site, maintained by the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries, includes links to related sites. Cyclops' Internet Toolbox This personal home page can link visitors with library resource tools as well as its creator's favorite Web sites. Featured here are pages of library resources compiled by a reference librarian at Albertsons Library at Boise State University. Data Research Associates Data Research Associates produces client/server automation systems and networking services for libraries and information providers. This site delivers background information on the company, its products and clients. Digital Libraries Project Stanford University's Digital Libraries Project highlights the efforts to establish a single, integrated, universal library. This page offers links to the people building the library, as well as a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) file and a glimpse into the library itself. Dundee University Library and Information Service The University Library Dundee site contains an overview of the library, its facilities and access to the library catalog. Includes a tour of the library and links to other library-based sites in the United Kingdom. East Carolina University Academic Library Services The East Carolina University Academic Library Services site contains links to the various departments in the system, an online catalog, periodical indexes and newspapers. Includes job listings, electronic texts and pointers to U.S. government servers. Edinburgh University Data Library Edinburgh University's Data Library site allows browsers to search the university's data library. Links to related projects and other information services are also included. ELISA The Electronic Library and Information Service at the Australian National University features general library services information, a campus events calendar and a database directory. Also find links to Internet indexes, electronic journals and texts, and reference materials. Flinders University Library The Flinders University of South Australia puts its library information system online for all the Web to see. Visitors can search the library's catalog or access electronic document delivery services here. Galen II Galen II is the home page for the Digital Library of the University of California, San Francisco. Includes access to numerous databases and archives, a library catalog, the UCSF Interactive Learning Centers and educational/consulting sources for faculty, staff and students. Links to other government and educational resources. Gerber/Hart Library & Archives Chicago's Gerber/Hart Library & Archives is the Midwest's largest gay, lesbian and bisexual circulation library. Visitors to the institution's home page can access information aimed at the Midwest's gay and bisexual community. Includes links to pages like Digital Queers Chicago and similar sites. Helmke Library Located at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, the Helmke Library maintains this site offering an overview of the facility and its services. Links to the library's catalogs, databases, indexes and government collections are featured. HyperPals HyperPals is a hypertext Web interface to the PALS (Project for Automated Library Systems) OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog). This informative site answers questions about HyperPals, explains basic operation, and provides hints for users. Indexes and Abstracts The library system at the University of Texas at Austin maintains this list of searchable indexes and abstracts. Only limited access is provided to browsers without proper UT ID. Indiana State Library The Indiana State Library maintains this site for public access. Visitors may search the library's wide range of texts and periodicals, connect with local and federal government resources, and find links to a variety of Internet search tools. Indiana University, School of Library and Information Science The University of Indiana provides this informational page on its PhD and Masters programs at the School of Library and Information Sciences. Visitors will find info on faculty and the various academic paths and courses. Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis Library The IUPUI Library goes online at this site, which features electronic references and online catalogs, as well as application tools, information center and user help links, including a building map, user suggestion page and a checkout service. Information and Library Studies Student Association The Information and Library Studies Student Association of the University of Michigan serves up a variety of organization information here. Visitors can read the ILSSA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), annual reports or link to other student organizations and activities. Informedia The Informedia Digital Library, a project of Carnegie Mellon University, is working to establish an extensive online digital video library for users of desktop computers and metropolitan area networks. Visit this site to learn about the library, its sponsors and its latest advances. International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, headquartered in the Hague, Netherlands, maintains this site for publications, conference updates, information services and staff contact listings. Includes user feedback survey form. Internet Cataloging Project: Call for Participation The Online Computer Library Center strives to further access to the world's information with this Internet cataloging project, a growing database of specially formatted bibliographic records. The project seeks participants and -- in addition to the existing database -- this site provides a project overview and guidelines. Internet Public Library The Internet Public Library provides links to various reference resources. Visitors can choose from divisions such as "Reference" and "Youth," and browse in such areas as the "Reading Room" and the "Exhibit Hall." A directory and tour are also available here. Iowa State University Library The Iowa State University Library home page provides information about the institution and SCHOLAR, its online information system. Includes an online card catalog, a topically indexed listing of databases, and links to other academic libraries' holdings catalogs. Jump to Library in Japan This on-line public access catalog in Japan includes links to national technology laboratory and university sites. Includes link to the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Information Center. In Japanese and English. Jyvaskyla University Library Jyvaskyla University Library is one of the largest research libraries in Finland housing collections of Finnish prints, databases and publications. It is also a National Resource Library for Education, Sport Sciences and Psychology. In English and Finnish. Kansas State University Libraries The Kansas State University Libraries provide information about their services and holdings at this site. Library news, staff telephone numbers and Internet resources are also listed. Larry's InfoPOWER Page This librarian's personal home page contains pointers to numerous selected sites and Web guides. Includes Internet learner's pages, links to government document servers, shopping sites and resources for professional librarians. Lehigh University Libraries The libraries at Pennsylvania's Lehigh University maintain this informative page providing access to online reference materials and special collections. Visitors are encouraged to learn more about the libraries and the resources they provide. LibInfo LibInfo is a reference service from the University of Chicago Library Information System. Besides providing information on library holdings and pointers to topical Internet resources, the site gives details on services and access to the staff. General information on the university is also included. LibLink The home page of the University of Tennessee's Knoxville Libraries details the services this facility has to offer, including links to electronic reference material and to general campus information. Libraries and Internet Electronic Text Collection The Libraries and Internet Electronic Text Collection maintains this collection of electronic texts on the subject of how libraries are dealing with networked information. Contributions are in English, German and Nordic languages. This page also includes a link to the Lund University electronic library home page. Libraries of the Claremont Colleges The Libraries of the Claremont Colleges open their collections, resources and library system services to interested Web denizens. Includes links to online information centers for the Claremont Colleges. Library Catalogs A large number of libraries that allow access to their catalogs through the Internet are linked at this site presented by the InterNIC Directory of Directories. Library of Congress This site contains a guide to the U.S. Library of Congress materials available online. Featured categories include exhibits and events, services and publications, digital collections, online systems, and congress and government. Library of Congress Online Services This page offers Web searching tools for the Library of Congress. Included are links to LC MARVEL, the gopher-based information system; LOCIS telnet; and anonymous FTP. Search guides, library hours and a link to the Vietnam Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Database are included. Library and Information Science Sweden's Lund University provides this clearinghouse for online resources in library and information science. Includes a broad collection of Interenet resources, directories, conferences and publications. Browse journals, books online or search databases and download software. Library of the University of Electro-Communications The University of Electro-Communications puts its library online, offering access to services in Japanese and English. Search library holdings by following the links provided. Library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign At the home page of the Library of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, visitors will find general library information, access to its online catalog, and links to other networked library and information resources. Library Resources on the Internet Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., maintains this site for library resources. Visit here to browse indexes of Internet-based library links from around the world. Library-Oriented Lists and Electronic Serials This Web site is a compilation of electronic discussion lists, distribution lists and electronic serials of interest to library staff and professionals. Louisiana State University Virtual Library The Virtual Library of Louisiana State University provides access to academic library collections, electronic publications and Internet information resources. Visit here to find user information, perform keyword searches and browse by subject, title and author. Lund University Electronic Library Sweden's Lund University maintains this library site offering access to a variety of electronic information resources. Online help, search and information options are available to assist new users. In Swedish and English. Mann Library Cornell University's Mann Library online contains a list of the library's print holdings and access to hundreds of databases for references, full text and statistics. Information is also available here on university course materials, workshops, tutorials, user guides and helper applications. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries The six libraries and their branches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are online and usable by non-students. Visitors will find pointers to the extensive newpaper collection, subject catalog and a spec guide for thesis preparation. The site also offers links to outside collections. MELVYL System The MELVYL library system from the University of California allows users to search a variety of bibliographic databases. Includes links to various university servers, MELVYL system contributors, projects and publications. Michigan State University Vincent Voice Library The Vincent Voice Library at Michigan State University compiles "utterances" and holds a collection from over 50,000 people. The site allows browsing of U.S. Presidents' sound samples, as well as a collection of general sound samples. Morris Library of Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Students at Southern Illinois University can access and search the university's library from this site. Visitors can also browse the university's collections and find out about interlibrary loans. National Library of Canada The National Library of Canada collects and offers access to the country's published heritage. Visitors are invited on a virtual tour of the facility and introduced to the library's archives, exhibitions and publications. In French and English. New York Public Library The New York Public Library opens its collections to the Web masses at this site. Peruse catalogs of the institution's holdings and stay abreast of exhibitions, programs and performances here. North Carolina State University Libraries This Web site provides information about the extensive library system at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C. General library information can be found here, as well as links to library catalogs and journal indexes. North Carolina State University Libraries: Catalogs, Indexes and Internet Resources This Internet resource index, a service of the North Carolina State University, provides access to its World Wide Web links, library catalogs and an online keyword search. Visitors can search for information by resource or subject classification. Nordic Libraries: Information Servers The Nordic Libraries: Information Servers page is an extensive directory to Web sites arranged by Nordic country. Subcategories by country classify sites by Web or gopher links. The page has a link to the Lund University Electronic Library home page. Northwest Area Libraries Library card catalog systems in the Pacific Northwest are indexed here; a simple click will telnet you directly into the card catalog specified. Find also a list of links to other library systems on the Internet. Northwestern University Library The central library at Illinois' Northwestern University hosts this site providing general info on its holdings and services, as well as pointers to main campus servers and a variety of university networked resources. Nova Scotia Provincial Library A division of the Policy Branch of the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Culture, the Nova Scotia Provincial Library mantains this site with info about the library and the regional public library system. Links to topic-related sites are also provided. Olive Tree A cumulative electronic journal for library and information science specialists, the "Olive Tree" was created by the University of Arizona's School of Library Science. The full text of features, book reviews and columns are available online. Online Catalogs with "Webbed" Interfaces The handy site offers researchers a collection of links to online information resources. Information seekers can find instructions for passing through library Web, gopher and Internet gateways at this index of indexes. Online Computer Library Center Access Selection The Online Computer Library Center is a nonprofit computer service and research organization that provides online service and CD-ROM products to libraries for assistance in bibliographic verification, cataloging, collection development, loan and reference. Visitors will find full information here on OCLC and its products and services. Oxford University Libraries Automation Service The Oxford University Libraries Automation Service Web server includes general information about the library along with links to the facility's Early Printed Books Project. It also includes profile pages for library staffers. Pica The Pica home page describes the library automation systems and online information services provided for Dutch and German academic and public libraries by the nonprofit organization. Includes background information, descriptions of online services, pointers to Dutch libraries and restricted access to technical documentation. Planet Earth Planet Earth is a virtual library that includes links to a virtual librarian room, reference shelf and search engines index. PORTALS The Portland Area Library System (PORTALS) is an organization of public and private institutions working to expand and enrich information services in the Portland area. Visitors to the PORTALS home page can find out more about the group and access its collective resources. Portico Portico is the British Library's information server. Browse the stacks electronically or access library news and event announcements. Presidential Libraries IDEA Network The Presidential Libraries IDEA Network facilitates access to the materials stored in presidential libraries. Find a list of libraries sorted by president, links to related exhibits and a pointer to the First Ladies IDEA Network. Princeton University Libraries The Princeton University Libraries in Princeton, NJ maintain this site to provide general access and Internet resources. Visit here for links to its searching and browsing tools, catalogs, databases, other university Web servers and more. Provo City Library The Provo City Library Web site features quick information through a reference section as well as information about the library's collection and children's programs. Includes links to community servers and the state of Utah. The site is searchable by keywords. Purdue University Libraries Thor, the University of Purdue's online library system, allows visitors to access various libraries on campus, a virtual reference desk and Purdue University databases. Purdue University Libraries Purdue University's gopher menu is filled with information on the university itself, including THOR+, its library gopher service. In addition to campus-specific resources, visitors will find links to general Internet information servers and search directories, as well as local weather reports and maps. Queensland Department of Education Virtual Library The Queensland Department of Education provides this virtual library service for access to its book and periodical collection. Includes Internet tutorials and information search resources. Research Libraries Group The Research Libraries Group is a not-for-profit coalition of universities, archives, historical societies, museums, and other institutions devoted to improving access to information. This site provides details the group's objectives, collaborative activities and user services. Reseau Documentaire de Grenoble The research libraries of Grenoble, France, offer their work to the world at large, particularly anyone who needs to access research about the Alpine region. Information is in French. Rice University, Fondren Library The Fondren Library at Rice University offers access to its online publications and services here. Visitors can browse the online catalog, view special collections and exhibits, read about the library or link to campus info. Ronald Reagan Library The Ronald Reagan Library home page lists the contents of the presidential archive. Visitors can learn about, but not access, the library's text-based and audiovisual resources here. Royal Holloway Library Information Service The Royal Holloway Library Information Service at the University of London, England, maintains this home page with general library and contact information. Links to the library catalog, special collections, guides and related Web sites are available. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Libraries The libraries at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, maintain this home page with links to their catalog and those of other library systems. Other links include a gopher site, various databases and search functions. Rudjer Boskovic Institute Library The Rudjer Boskovic Institute Library in Zagreb, Croatia, maintains this site for a variety of local and worldwide reference tools. Visit here to access its database of book and periodical collections, national and international libraries, and a host of Internet search and information tools. Saint Mary's College Gaelnet Gaelnet is the library server for the Saint Mary's University in Moraga, California. Visitors will discover library collections, research resources, archives and special collections. Serials in Cyberspace Researchers will find a comprehensive index to sites with electronic journal collections and services within and outside of the U.S. here, as well as links to selected electronic journals. The site is maintained by a librarian at the University of Vermont. Southeastern Library Network The Southeastern Library Network is a nonprofit organization coordinating resource sharing among the library and information community in the southeastern U.S. Read about the institution's mission and services here. Southern Cross University Library Southern Cross University in Sydney, Australia, unleashes a variety of info here about its academics, computing resources, publications and students. Visitors can search the school's library catalogs and databases or perform a keyword search on pointers to Internet information here. St. Joseph County Public Library The St. Joseph County Public Library in South Bend, Ind., maintains this site to provide access to a variety of resources. Visit here to link to databases and Web servers from local media outlets, legislative bodies, government agencies, Internet service providers and the SJCPL itself. St. Joseph County Public Library's List of Public Libraries with Internet Services This site routes the user to Web servers hosting the St. Joseph County Public Library index to worldwide libraries offering Internet services. Includes listings of specialized resources and a pointer to search forms. Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources The home page of Stanford Universities Libraries and Academic Information Resources consists of campus wide academic information, data resources and computing services. Visitors can read detailed information about library services. State Library of North Carolina The State Library of North Carolina circulates news and information about its services at this site. Browsers can learn of upcoming events as well as recent acquisitions, or link to other North Carolina government resources. Includes a staff directory. Swets & Zeitlinger Swets & Zeitlinger, a Netherlands-based international supplier of library materials, maintains this promotional site. Visit here to learn about its subscription services, read recent press releases and find contacts at its offices around the world. Swiss National Library At the home page for the Swiss National Library, visitors are invited to learn about the library and its projects and to access the library's catalog of holdings. In French. United Kingdom Library Catalogues This site provides an alphabetical index of links to library catalogs in the United Kingdom, from Aberdeen to York. United States Public Libraries This U.S. Public Library server contains links to all the public library systems with Internet sites in the United States. Visitors can link directly through a lengthy list of city and county servers. University of California, Berkeley, Libraries At the University of California, Berkeley's Libraries site, visitors can browse and search the library catalog, get information on collections and resources and look over a map of the libraries. University of Adelaide Library Information Service The Library Information Service at the University of Adelaide, Australia, offers an overview of its collection and an online directory. Visit here to read news and staff profiles and browse its index of books and periodicals. University of California, Davis, General Library The University of California, Davis, posts general information about its library system here. Visitors can review library resources by subject, plus access the libary's catalog of holdings, CD-ROM network databases and electronic resources. University of California, Irvine, Libraries Department The Libraries Department of the University of California, Irvine, maintains this site providing access to its reference and literature resources. Visit here to browse its collections, and access a variety of Internet links and instructional materials. University of Connecticut's Libraries Information The University of Connecticut's main library server allows access to the campus library system. Users can visit the libraries and find general information about the university. University of Houston Libraries The University of Houston Libraries home page aims to provide easy access to informational and research-oriented Web resources. Visitors will find indexes and subject lists, the university library catalog, and access to library publications here. University of Idaho Library The University of Idaho Library Web server provides access to a wealth of university library information and resources; including online periodicals and university publications. University of Illinois Archives The American Library Association maintains this gopher server from the University of Illinois Archives at Urbana, Illinois. Only 133 of the 1,158 record series are described, but they account for 93% of the total volume and represent the scope and depth of the archive. University of Iowa Libraries The University of Iowa posts an online library catalog and general information about the university's libraries here. The site also includes an index to similar resources on the Internet. University Library of the Chinese University of Hong Kong The Chinese University of Hong Kong gives access to its library system here. The site also includes the main university gopher menu and other library gophers. University Libraries and Scholarly Communication "University Libraries and Scholarly Communication," a study prepared for the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is provided online here by the University of Virginia. Visit this site for full text of the study and a keyword search of related information. University of Michigan, School of Information and Library Studies The home page for the School of Information and Library Studies at the University of Michigan provides information on the department, educational initiatives, research projects, associated publications and related resources. Browsers can search the department resources or view an alphabetical list by title. University of Michigan University Library The University of Michigan's library system offers this site for title catalogs, personnel directories, special programs, and other services. Includes index of Internet resources and answers to frequently asked questions. University of Pennsylvania Library The University of Pennsylvania Library offers an online catalog, searchable commercial database services and electronic forms for library transactions. Connect to all 15 University of Pennsylvania libraries from this site. University of Saskatchewan Libraries Among the resources provided here by the University of Saskatchewan libraries is an online catalog and basic information on locations, hours, policies and interlibrary loans. A search mechanism is included. University of South Australia Library The library of the University of South Australia maintains this informational site for news and electronic resources. Visit here for updates, newsletters and links to its online reference and academic research services. University of Texas, Austin, Graduate School of Library and Information Science The graduate program for Library and Information Science at the University of Texas at Austin provides information here on its courses, faculty and students. The site also features a message board. University of Texas Library Online Comments The University of Texas at Austin offers library users the opportunity to provide online feedback. Browsers can link to the general university library server and main home page. University of Virginia Library At the University of Virginia Library site search the library's electronic centers, online publications and selected Internet resources. Heavy on electronic publishing, the library provides access to materials licensed to the University of Virginia as well as links to free Internet sites. University of Washington Libraries Visitors to this Web site can access the University of Washington Libraries' card catalog, journals and databases. Includes interactive request forms, information about the institution's branches and operating hours, and a link to the UW home page. University of Waterloo Electronic Library The University of Waterloo, Canada, provides this electronic library with a wealth of news, information and resources. Visitors can peruse bulletins, documents, Canadian press releases, databases and library catalogs, or search the entire site for something specific. University of York Library and Information Services The J. B. Morrell Library at the University of York, England, maintains this reference site for resources and directories. Visit here for news, internal staff and facilities listings, text and periodical catalogs, and links to library-related Web sites from around the world. Virginia Polytechnic University and State University Libraries Information System The University Libraries of Virginia Tech and State U. consists of the Carol M. Newman Library and four branches: Architecture, Geology, Veterinary Medicine, and the Northern Virginia Center. This online information system includes full-text books and journals. Virtual Library of Virginia VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia, is a consortium of academic libraries that provides a network of shared electronic resources for students and faculty of local institutions. Visit this site to access academic texts, professional journals, government publications and more. VTLS This promotional site is the Web home of VTLS, a developer of library management systems headquartered in Blacksburg, Va. Visitors can read about the company, its products and services. In English and Spanish. Washington University Libraries The Washington University Libraries has set up WorldWindow, a Web site that helps users access its electronic information resources. From this page, you can access the library's catalog or use the telnet connection provided. World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Library of Congress Classification This Virtual Library site provides a distributed subject catalog organized by Library of Congress standards. Includes links to other subject catalogs. World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Libraries Easy access to the world's greatest libraries is one of the foundational strengths of the Internet and this page will direct visitors to some of those institutions: the city library of Helsinki, the national library of Australia, BUBL's United Kingdom-based bulletin board for libraries and the U.S. Library of Congress. Visitors can also search by subject. Yale University Library Information about the Yale University Library is presented here with information about the research workstation, a computer interface that allows access to databases on the campus network. The main catalog and specific collections are also available. ZWeb Search Engine The Zweb Search Engine, a service of Michigan State University, offers a keyword search of university libraries and other information resources around the United States. Users can request that a new site be added to the server. Just For Kids Aunt Annie's Craft Page Aunt Annie's Craft Page is chock-full of creative learning projects, including papercraft, puppetry, .gif images for stickers, fabric angels, cardboard tapestry dolls, personalized lunch bags and much more. Beakman's Electric Motor Here, kids can learn how to build a simple electric motor like the one on television's "Beakman's World" using just a few household items. Diagrams are included. Berit's Best Sites for Children Berit's Best Sites for Children indexes, annotates and rates selected children's pages on the Web. Featured topics include activity centers, pages by kids for kids, family and kids' home pages, games and toys, world travel and more. BHI Teens 90210 Beverly Hills Internet's Teens 90210 site is a virtual hangout any kid can call home. Here, kids under 18 can submit their own home pages. The Big Busy House The Big Busy House, the Web home for HarperCollins Children's Books, features interviews with authors and illustrators and explains how a book is made. Canadian Kids Home Page The Canadian Kids page is a Web "starting place for both the young and the young at heart." Pointers are provided to "great Canadian pages" ranging from Theodore Tugboat and SchoolNet to Street Cents Online and Women in Canadian History. Children's Literature Web Guide The Children's Literature Web Guide contains a huge searchable archive of Internet resources related to books for children. Visitors will find lists of recommended books, discussion groups, on-line stories and much more. The Children's Page This Italian site provides "edutainment" for kids around the world. Visitors will find Italian cartoons, interesting stories and games. In Italian and English. The Children's Page The Children's Page is a family project where everyone has a home page: Mommy and Daddy, Emma and Alice. Children's joke pages, calendars, sound clips, games, museums, movie clips and other family-oriented links are included. A Christmas Toy Trek Join Tillie, Dusty and Barbie for "A Christmas Toy Trek." This Apple QuickTime-enhanced virtual visit to the North Pole includes Santa's home, sleigh and toy workshop. Crayola Check out the Crayola home page for all the news and information about the world's favorite crayons. Find details on such Crayola developments as changeable crayons, mini-stampers and sunlight prints. Crayola Kids Here, kids will find an electronic version of Crayola's magazine, "Crayola Kids" with games, contests and details about new toys. CyberKids Home Mountain Lake Software's CyberKids Web site features a free online magazine and games galore as part of its effort to help kids learn about the Internet while having fun. Visitors can enter a writing contest or explore the world at the CyberLaunchpad. Doug and Lisa's Disney Home Page At this unofficial Disney page, visitors will find loads of trivia and information about Disney theme parks, movie art and animated films. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file is included, as are links to other Disney resources. Dole 5 A Day Home Page The Dole 5 A Day home page reminds visitors to get five servings a day of fruits and vegetables. The "Fun with Fruits and Vegetables Kids Cookbook" makes the concept more appealing to kids. Ear Mountain Radio Ear Mountain Radio, the official Santa Claus radio station, broadcasts from Finland, close to the North Pole. Santa is off-duty until next December, the Webmaster tells us, so tune in then with your letters to Santa. Edge "Edge" is the bimonthly cyberzine for high-performance students. It's filled with provocative, cutting-edge stories, reviews and insights for teens who want to go the extra mile. FishNet FishNet is a Web space for academically talented teens. It features a college guide, a conversation forum and a huge database of articles and details about educational opportunities. Fox Kids Network Fox Kids, a service of the Fox Broadcasting Company, offers a variety of entertainment, news and resources for children. Visitors will also find contests, games and Fox television program listings. FreeZone FreeZone is devoted to kids born between 1981 and 1987. Members can check out games, comics, e-pals and chat, and even learn how to create a personal Web page. Global Show-n-Tell Museum Wings Global Show-n-Tell, a virtual exhibition space for children, provides this forum for kids to show off their favorite possessions, projects, accomplishments and collections. Visit here to visit the free exhibition and submit your entry. Gordon's Entomological Home Page This kid-friendly page is a terrific introduction to the world of bugs and insects. It offers a primer on bug anatomy, links to bug collector clubs and bug-enthusiast home pages, a lesson in proper bug classification and a section on "odd beliefs and ideas associated with insects." Headbone Interactive Headbone Interactive is the electronic home of the Headbone multimedia projects, from "The Gigglebone Gang" to "What the Heck Will Elroy Do Next?" Visitors will also find demos and product information. Horse Country Trot on over to Horse Country for a comprehensive look at horse history, science, stories, images, art and more. Visitors will find more than 400 horse-loving e-pals here, and such features as an interactive dream stable game. Halloween-o-Webbery Halloween-o-Webbery features a year-round look at Halloween scariness and trickery. It includes links to sound and movie files, Halloween poems and other sites devoted to the holiday. Hyperman Fans of television's Hyperman won't want to miss this chance to go on a mission with him. Along the way, they can check out Emma's cool links, or take the agent test at mission control with the Comptroller. Interesting Places for Kids Compiled by the parent of a 10-year-old daughter, this page points to a wide variety of sites of potential interest to children. Indexed by topic, categories include art and literature, music, museums and other exhibits, science and math, toys and games, arts and crafts, and more. International Kids Space The International Kids' Space page is maintained especially for children, with links to the kids' gallery, a story book section and a chat area for kids. In Japanese and English. KID List The Kids Internet Delight (KID) site provides a gateway to a variety of Web pages of interest to children. The alphabetical listing links young people to museums, games, stories, educational materials and more. Kiddin' Around Kiddin' Around contains a vast collection of links for teens. Subjects covered range from movies and music to libraries and museums to fantasy and outer space. Kidlink: Global Networking for Youth 10-15 The goal of Kidlink is to involve as many children around the world as possible in a global electronic dialogue. Join the more than 50,000 kids from 80 countries who are already participating. KidPub WWW Publishing The KidPub Web page offers a place where kids can publish their stories on the Internet. Kids can submit stories by accessing a simple form, or they can opt to read about KidPub in a questions and answers section. Kids on Campus Kids On Campus, a project of the Cornell Theory Center, is dedicated to increasing computer awareness and scientific interest among third, fourth, and fifth graders via activities, videos and demos. Kids on the Web Kids on the Web contains an extensive listing of children's resources. Visitors will find fun stuff, educational sites, children's books and information for parents, too. Kids Web - A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids The Kids Web is a library of links to kid-friendly arts, science and sports resources on the Web. Guests will also find such fun items as games, comics, and crafts pages. Kids' Space The Kids' Space is a showcase for children's art, stories, music and letters. Kids can communicate with one another via e-mail and bulletin boards, and the site includes a page of links to other kid-friendly sites on the Web. Kids' Window Kids' Window is a service of Japan Window, a U.S.-Japan collaboration for Internet-based Japan information. It provides many resources for education about Japanese culture, including a picture dictionary. KidsCom Home Page KidsCom is a "communication playground" on which kids can find an e-pal, write on a graffiti wall, play games, talk about their favorite things and write stories, all in French, German, Spanish or English. Latitude28 Schoolhouse The Latitude28 Schoolhouse contains educational resources for students of all ages. Subjects include art, math, science and more. North Pole Web It's Christmas year 'round at the North Pole Web site. Visitors can talk to Santa, Rudolph and the elves, decorate a digital tree, or listen to Handel's "Messiah." Nye Labs Online Fans of PBS's Bill Nye, "the Science Guy," can enter his online laboratory and explore the world of science. Be sure to check out the Demo of the Day and the Nyestore's home videos. Pocahontas^DisneyPicture Images and clips from Disney's "Pocahontas" are featured here, and visitors are also treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the movie. Press Return "Press Return" is the online teen magazine from the people at Scholastic. Each theme-based issue represents a collaboration between young writers and professional editors. Questacon Take a virtual tour of Questacon, Australia's national science and technology center. The Questacon home page features a "KidSpace" full of exhibits, games & activities. The Realist Wonder Society The Realist Wonder Society is a "whistle-stop of imaginzation between way stations of reality." It features kid-oriented fantasy stories, art and poetry. Santa's Home Page This Santa home page features humor and history of the Jolly Old Elf as well as a "Merry Virtual Christmas" greeting. Visitors can jot down recipes from Mrs. Claus' kitchen or send e-mail to Santa. Santa Claus is coming ...From Norway The Webmaster maintains this site for Santa Claus, who is purported to be from Norway, not the North Pole. The site includes a history of Santa, photos of Santa in the Norwegian clime and a form for mailing him greetings and gift requests. Santa's Site Santa's Site is open only around Christmas-time, when guests will find a naughty or nice list, recipes from Mrs. Claus, Christmas traditions, a Santa Tracker, and even an e-mail address for Kris Kringle himself. School House Rock Page This site revives the educational "Schoolhouse Rock" television spots from the 1970s. Visitors will find lyrics and audio files for musical lessons in grammar, history, science and math. Splash Kids Online Splash Kids Online Magazine features news, art, chat and games. Ask Dr. Beta technical computer questions, or find out what holidays are being celebrated around the world today. Time for Kids "Time" magazine's kid-friendly news site contains feature stories, reports and lots of color. Headlines include "Kids design a space city." Uncle Bob's Kids' Page Uncle Bob's Kids' Page contains links to educational, entertainment and informational sites of interest to children. Virtual Jack-O-Lantern Who says Jack-O-Lanterns are only for Halloween? Here children can carve virtual pumpkins in 3-D by choosing from various eyes, nose, mouth and stem options on a checklist. Submit the design and, voila, an artistic pumpkin appears. The program displays VRML files only, but provides a link to download VR Scout. Virtually React The electronic version of the teen mag "react" is appropriately titled "virtually react." Actually, it's brimming with news, sports, entertainment, photos, jokes, contests and, of course, a cybermall (without the food court). You Can't Do that On Television! The home page for "You Can't Do That On Television!" features all the outrageous gags from Nickelodeon's popular television show. Computers: Freeware and Shareware Repositories: PC: Windows The Best Windows 95 Software! A selective archive of Windows 95 shareware available on the Web is offered here. Windows 95 users can access a wide variety of software including Internet applications, games, graphics and utilities. CSUSM Windows World The Library Technical Services Department at California State University's San Marcos campus sponsors this Windows shareware archive. Visit here to search for and download compressed Windows applications. Links to decompression programs also provided. Galt Shareware and Software Galt Technology produces shareware for Windows-based platforms. Their site includes screen savers, utilities, games, downloading information and a company newsletter. InfoWest Windows 95 Software Archive The InfoWest Windows 95 software archive features applications, discussion forums, a page devoted to tips and tricks and links to related sites. Inter-Links The CICA computer software archive offers an index of pointers to its Microsoft Windows-related subdirectories at this site. Link to file collections organized around a variety of subjects including printer drivers, programming information, utilities and more. Microsoft Software FTP Site Here's the FTP directory for Microsoft Corporation. Visitors will find files packed with information on Microsoft, its support, services and products. OAK Repository - SimTel Windows Mirror Index Visit this page to access the Coast to Coast Software Repository Windows Mirror Master Index. An alpha-search option offers quick reference access. Process Software Windows 95 FTP Site! Process Software Corporation provides this archive of shareware and freeware for Windows 95. The site contains Internet utilities, multimedia software, Windows 95 enhancements and graphics utilities. Sophos Software's NetSpace The home page for Sophos Software includes news, registration information and downloadable programs. Featured shareware includes Collegio Football '95, Collegio Basketball '96, utilities and multimedia products for Windows. Win95-NET Software Archive The Win95 NET Software Archive provides a neatly organized collection of freeware and shareware for users of Microsoft's Windows 95 operating system. Visit here for utilities, graphics tools, Winsock applications, Internet browsing software and more. Winsock Section of the Windows Shareware Archive at CSU, San Marcos Maintained by the California State University at San Marcos, this site offers an annotated list of Winsock shareware available for download from the university's archive. A link to the Windows World main menu page is also featured. News & Information : Reference Information : Phone & Postal Directories AmeriCom Long Distance Area Decoder ricom/aclookup.html Need to reach that ol' college chum from across the sea? This handy device will spit out the appropriate country and area code for dialing locales around the world. It will also quote you a per-minute connection charge. Thus we learn that for Glasgow, Scotland, the country code is 44, the area code is 141, and it will cost 35 pence a minute to chat with McDougal. AT&T Toll-Free 800 Directory< br> The AT&T Toll-Free 800 Directory provides listings of all 800 telephone numbers carried by the long distance phone company. The database can be searched by category or keyword. User help is available. National Address Server .html Visitors to this Web site, set up by the Center of Excellence for Document Analysis and Recognition, can enter an address in hopes of retrieving a PostScript file containing a printable barcode for speed delivery of their mail. The University Phone Book Gopher 0Dame%20Information%20Sources/Phone% 20Books--Other%20Institutions This gopher server contains a comprehensive index to electronic phone books to universities all over the world. Categorized by country. U.S. Postal Service Standard State Abbreviations gopher.prin Taken from the U.S. Postal Service publication "How To Address Envelopes ... Correctly," this list identifies the official two-letter state codes used by the post office. News & Information : Reference Information : Dictionaries & Translators A.Word.A.Day Visitors here can access the mailing list A.Word.A.Day, which teaches vocabulary by e-mailing a word and its definition each day. Subscribe to the list and look at its archive of definitions. Cool Word of the Day s/word_of_day/word.html This educational site features a new word each day along with its definition. Visitors can also review past words and nominate cool words they think should be chosen in the future. Dictionaries, Etc. Information/D ictionaries-etc.html TradeWave's Internet directory, Galaxy, indexes online dictionaries on this page. Visitors can track down glossaries, dictionaries and other reference works via this extensive collection of pointers. English-German Dictionary www.tu This interactive site allows visitors to find German equivalents for English words, and vice versa. Simply enter a word, German or English, and search (or suche). Instructions are in German only. English-Slovene Dictionary www.fri.uni Visitors can search an English-Slovene dictionary of more than 70,000 entries here. The site includes a link to the Slovene-English version of the dictionary. The Eurodicautom www.public.i The Eurodicautom is a program that translates technical and official terms. Visitors can translate terms between eight different major European languages. Presented in English and Portuguese. Hypertext Webster Interface ebster/ The Hypertext Webster Interface provides a point-and-click service for accessing the famous dictionary publisher's services on the Net. Included is a word search function that links the browser to a variety of hypertext definition pages. Italian-to-English Dictionary www.willamette. edu/~tjones/forms/ital2eng.html This Italian-to-English Dictionary allows browsers to enter Italian words in search of their corresponding English mates, or link to an English-to-Italian dictionary for a different approach. Mofile Place Dictionary Page (English-Finnish) This Mofile Place page features English-Finnish online dictionaries that allow users to input words and receive translations. The Finland-based site is also available in English. NetRef: Technobabble Page babble.html Can't distinguish a LAN from a MUD? Think a cyclic redundance check is something you do to your laundry? Stop by the NetRef: Technobabble Page for links to computer-related jargon glossaries of all sorts. The University of Tromso Dictionaries Page l This Norwegian site contains a variety of translation dictionaries including English-French, English-Japanese, and English-Italian. An online Roget's Thesaurus and other references manuals are here, too. The page itself is in Norwegian. Webster's Hypertext Interface Search webster?/ This online resource offers visitors a hypertext interface with the Webster's Dictionary services on the Internet. Features include a point-and-click keyword search. News & Information : Reference Information : Assorted Facts & Figures Britannica Online Britannica Online bills itself as "the first encyclopedia on the Internet." A subscriber service, the page won't permit searching but will allow users to sign up for a free trial or purchase an annual subscription. Britannica's Lives .html Britannica's Lives is a collection of all the biographies listed in the Encyclopedia Britannica. Visitors can enter a birthdate and age range, and Britannica will then provide all the biographies that fit that description. Bureau of Transportation Statistics The U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics offers access to resources related to pedestrians, transit, safety, design and other transportation issues at this information site. Link to the National Transportation Library, Office of Airline Information or Geographical Information Services. Conversion of Units www.chemie.fu The Conversion of Units page allows visitors to convert various units of measurement to other formats. Among other conversions, temperatures can be converted from centigrade to kelvin, and land measurements can be converted from acres to cubic centimeters. In English and German. Earth View A current global topographic map of Earth is offered at this site. Visitors can manipulate various controls (latitude, longitude, satellite source and the like) to access the precise information they desire. Emergency Preparedness Information Exchange Gopher The Emergency Preparedness Information Exchange posts information on emergency preparedness and dealing with the results of natural disasters. The site is maintained by the Center for Policy Research on Science and Technology at Simon Fraser University in Toronto. Flags This site contains a representative collection of links to images and information about flags and their use. Motor racing flags, selected national flags, maritime signal flags, and semaphore are featured. POPClock Projection bin/popclock The projected population of the U.S. at the current date and time is calculated and displayed upon access to the POPClock Projection site. Link to the documentation page for background information. Survival Bible 2001 Whether you fear revolutions or earthquakes, you'll find handy advice for filling your basement with provisions in the Survival Bible. With research drawing on events from "2001 B.C. to 2001 A.D.," you'll find one-stop information shopping for surviving in all climates and conditions. Today's Fun Fact N/Wardo/fact.html Today's Fun Fact delivers just what the title promises, each and every day. Includes links to previous factoids, subscription information and the Webmaster's home page. U.S. Census Bureau The U.S. Census Bureau, the nitpicking federal agency that tracks demographics trends and population statistics across the country, offers access to its databases on population and housing, the economy and geography. Includes a search tool. World of Maps Now there is no excuse for getting lost. World of Maps comes to the rescue with literally thousands of travel maps and books from every country in the world. Maps for streets, topo areas, nautical terrain -- you name it -- are accessible from this page. Xerox PARC Map Viewer: world 0.00N 0.00E The Xerox Palo Alto, Calif., lab presents the PARC Map Viewer. This global map allows viewers to pinpoint longitude and latitude readings, as well as other earthly details. News & Information : Reference Information : Date & Time Calendar This searchable calendar database will provide the calendar for any month or year. The calendar for the current month is always on view. Clocks and Time glen Visitors to this page will find an index of horology links. From archives, books and commercial firms to museums, software and sundials, the subject receives thorough treatment. Date and Time Gateway This index provides the time and date for cities around the world in Greenwich Mean Time. City listings are arranged alphabetically within continental categories. Directorate of Time The U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., uses this site to provide the time of day according to its highly accurate atomic clock. Visit here to find the time anywhere in the world, learn how the clock works and link to its time services, including telephone and modem connections. Local Times Around the World Want to know the time in Bora Bora or Beijing? This page provides the local times in all the world's countries and most of the islands. U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clock With this interactive site, the U.S. Naval Observatory answers the eternal question, "What time is it?" Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Universal. Whatever's your pleasure. News & Information : Reference Information : Archives & Indices Information SuperLibrary The Information SuperLibrary hosts online homes for publishing heavy hitters such as Macmillan, Simon and Schuster, and SSI Distribution Services. Visitors are invited to browse reference works, resource directories, software libraries, the Internet Starter Kit and more. The Internet Services List Special Internet Connections, a collection of online resources, provides links to information on a variety of topics. Visit here to browse its extensive index of subjects, from business and biology to space and sports. Library Catalog Index Yale University posts an extensive index of online library catalogs on this gopher menu. The index is arranged by country. Media Research Laboratory Home Page The Media Research Laboratory, a New York, N.Y.-based interdisciplinary communications technology research organization, maintains this site for general information, research resources and links to related institutions. Includes contact information and feedback forms. National Institutes of Health Desk Reference The National Institutes of Health has created this virtual desk reference to provide quick access to a variety of online dictionaries, directories, guides and almanacs. Read articles from the Voice of America or find out how much vitamin C a peach contains. Online Reference Works es.html This site provides an index to reference books, databases and other media found online. Among the reference sources featured are dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps and catalogs. Reference Shelf Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., maintains this index of reference links. Visit here to access resources such as an acronym glossary, English dictionary, airline toll-free number list, and many others. RiceInfo gopher Gopher to the RiceInfo Information collection and find an alphabetized menu of academic subject categories. Use RiceInfo to locate electronic resources related to subjects such as aerospace, sociology or women's studies. THOR+: The Virtual Reference Desk thorplus.lib.purd Maintained by the Libraries of Purdue University, this site offers access to a virtual library of reference books and materials. Among the resources are dictionaries, selected documents concerning information technology, maps, U.S. documents, phone books, weather data and more. Virtual Reference Desk 0DESK Visitors to the Virtual Reference Desk gopher can access an array of information through links to more than six million journal articles, the U.S. White House, and various dictionaries and phone books. is an Internet directory cataloging Web resources by subject. Find links to subject sites ranging from Architecture to Zoology. News & Information : Reference Information : Information Retrieval Services DataStar The DataStar Information Retrieval Service, a news and information search engine, offers access to hundreds of databases worldwide. Visit to browse its index of resources or perform a keyword search. LEXIS-NEXIS Communication Center The LEXIS-NEXIS Communications Center introduces the company's widely used online legal, news and business information services. Full-text archival and current publication searches and reference access are the hallmark of this commercial information provider. SearchAmerica SearchAmerica boasts links to active databases containing 220 million surnames, businesses and telephone numbers. Visitors can find out how to subscribe and search this commercial directory-assistance service online. News & Information : Magazines & Periodicals : Popular Titles The American Prospect Home Page American Prospect Online is the electronic version of that magazine of liberal politics. Here you can read current and back issues, subscribe to the paper edition and contact the editors. The Biz: The Entertainment Cybernetwork The Biz features multimedia interviews, music videos and movie trailers, along with news, columns, features and classifieds. Included are the Reuters/Variety Online Entertainment Report and The Source, an entertainment resource guide. c|net online c|net online, a magazine-style spin-off of a cable-TV technology showcase, is a hip yet authoritative guide to cyber culture. It offers interviews with industry kingpins, breaking news from the computer-biz boardroom, software tips, copious product reviews, game cheats, offbeat links and more. Coloquio Magazine t/pub/jgbustam/coloquio/coloquio.html Hispanic culture hits the Internet through the Coloquio home page. Visitors can browse back issues of the award-winning magazine, which, in print form, circulates in the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore metropolitan areas. Computer Gaming World The online edition of Computer Gaming World offers previews, reviews and the occasional cheat code for electronic gaming products. Find the current issue and a searchable archive of past issues at this site. Computer Shopper This online version of Computer Shopper magazine includes feature stories, pundits and "review nuggets." Visitors can read the latest issue, or review past selections. Cyberwest Magazine Cyberwest is an online magazine featuring a virtual feast of travel adventure and sports information from the American West. Visitors to this site can peruse feature articles, news, views and images or link on to other sites of interest. Fortean Times .html >From the United Kingdom, Fortean Times is a cheeky bimonthly magazine that covers "all manner of strange phenomena and experiences, curiosities, prodigies and portents." Visitors will find links to current and past issues, special reports and articles, and subscription information here. HomeArts ta7.htm HomeArts compiles articles and features from the popular Hearst magazines Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Country Living and Popular Mechanics. The menu is heavy on food, relationships, health, home and garden. HotWired HotWired, the techno-savvy online offspring of Wired magazine, delivers news, reviews, commentary and features from the cutting edge of online society. Expect nothing short of the cattiest chat, the hippest links and the hottest graphics. HyperJournal history/hyperjournal/hyperj.htm HyperJournal is a discussion list devoted to electronic journals; those publishing on the Web, in particular. The HyperJournal site has information concerning all aspects of production and publishing. Interactive Week Online Browsers can keep up with the latest in interactive technology here. Interactive Week Online covers the telecommunications industry and contains features from the print magazine plus frequently updated online sections. The Internet Herald Home Page The Internet Herald, a monthly "journal of news and commentary by Generation X," is an online entertainment, news and opinion magazine. Visit here to read the publication and to find out how to contribute articles, jokes and poetry that speak for a generation. Internet Magazine gazines/internet/ Internet, a British cyberguide, offers highlights from its current and past issues at this site. Downloadable software, a calendar of events, a marketing hot list and industry news are also featured. MacUser Web MacUser Web is the online version of MacUser, the magazine of hands-on Macintosh and Apple computing. Visitors can download software, read product reviews and browse through back issues of the magazine. Macworld Online Taking the global perspective, the online version of Macworld magazine provides the latest Mac news for the Internet community. Mac fans can read articles, browse the software library, post a note on a message board, or loiter in the site's Technocultural Cafe. theMet An alternative newsweekly of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, theMet (yes, that's how it's spelled) offers news, features, political exposes, entertainment and cultural coverage for the atypical Texan. Mofile Place An amazing variety of features on Finnish culture is available from electronic Web magazine and virtual shopping mall Mofile Place. News and notes on what's hot in Finland share space with interviews of Finnish personalities and general info on Finland. There are even Finnish sci-fi resources to be had. In English and Finnish. NetGuide /current/ NetGuide -- one of the many new Internet magazines on the racks -- also publishes this online version with much of the material found in print. It features a calendar of online events, reviews, articles and a site of the day. The Net Online The Net is an online version of a colorful new magazine that marries cartoon graphics, innovative storytelling technique and solid Net news. Readers will also find pointers to shareware here and instructions for subscribing to the print version. NewsPage EWSPAGE/newspagehome.html NewsPage, an online trade magazine published by Burlington, Mass.-based Individual Inc., offers news and features on a variety of topics. Visit for the latest from the worlds of business, high technology, defense, environmental conservation, media and many others. Updated daily. PC Computing PC Computing, Ziff-Davis' monthly magazine for the anti-Apple corps, is available in online form at this site. Visit here for industry dirt, product reviews, sneak previews of new software, and even a little humor ("Woody Allen's Hotlist"). PC Gamer: CD-ROM Computer Gaming An electronic edition of the popular PC and CD-ROM games magazine, PC Gamer online covers the latest news, trends and reviews in the computer gaming industry. PC Magazine PC Magazine delivers the latest dope from the desktop. This online edition provides up-to-the-minute computer-industry news, downloadable software, feature articles such as "How To Be Hip in the Cyberscene" and reviews of the latest hardware and software. PC Week Online Find breaking computer-biz news, columns, special reports and rumors at this searchable site archiving the online edition of PC Week magazine. Highfalutin' opinions, Internet news and software downloads are also featured along with links to other Ziff-Davis publishing sites. PC World Online Consumers and industry denizens alike will find informative news and reviews in the current edition of PC World Online. The electronic version of the major computer monthly offers the latest info on hardware, software and PC-related enterprises. Popular Mechanics PM Zone The tinkerer's bible, Popular Mechanics, is available online at the PM Zone. From hard drives to drive trains, this site traverses both the real and the virtual superhighways of the world. Search back issues here or sign up for a subscription to the newsstand version. Smash! Smash!, the Web magazine of sci-fi, comics, gaming and fantasy, presents its current issues and back issue archives. Search for articles, reviews, information on upcoming issues and more. Smithsonian The online version of Smithsonian magazine features columns and articles about the arts, environment, culture and entertainment, history and "America's attic." Online subscription ordering is also available, as well as a gift shop. Spiegel Online Spiegel Online is the electronic version of the popular German news magazine, Der Spiegel. Visit here to find national and international news, photos, and sports coverage. Available in German and English. TexasMonthly WWW Ranch Mosey on over to a site that bills itself as the ultimate Texas resource, the TexasMonthly WWW Ranch. The online version of the free-thinking regional magazine wrestles with such topics as whether executions should be public, and offers a roundup of offbeat feature stories on life in the Lone Star State. Visitors will also find entertainment listings, Texas-sized classifieds and cooking tips. Time Magazine gUAJOjDIki7/time/ This home page for the venerable newsmagazine Time contains a bevy of topical news stories, analysis and interactive options. Visitors can check out the current week's edition or browse back issues. Includes a daily news service and international editions for Asia and Europe. Time Out Time Out Net provides city guides and arts and entertainment listings for international hot spots. Features about Berlin, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, San Francisco and other world-class cities can be found here, along with free classified ads. Webster's Weekly Webster's Weekly is an esoteric online digest offering a liberal mix of arts, entertainment and serious thought from a "humanist" perspective. Features range from a guide to safe sex to movie reviews to a gun-owner's column. Features include a handy sampler for first-time browsers, an index to current issues and links to the archives. WinMagWeb For a comprehensive source of Windows information, visit the Internet home of Windows magazine. This site complements the print version with articles on systems, software and other Windows-related topics. News & Information : Magazines & Periodicals : Archives & Indices Chapman & Hall Electronic Journals Chapman & Hall publishes dozens of highly specialized academic and professional journals, from Tumor Targeting to Leisure Studies. The company promotes its electronic editions at this site, where visitors can order sample issues or full subscriptions. CMP Publications CMP Publications maintains this site for its computer and technology-related publications. Link to a variety of online magazines and periodicals, including CommunicationsWeek, Home PC, InteractiveAge and others. Electronic Newsstand The Electronic Newsstand gathers together a collection of published articles from various magazines, newspapers, newsletters and more. A commercial service, the site also links to business information providers. Fanzine Media This "media experiment" from a Scandinavian publishing conglomerate creates magazines whose content can be distributed in various media, including the online world. Magazine topics range from snowboarding to horseback riding. Find out more about the company and its publications here. Journals and Newspapers english This online index provides a large alphabetical listing of journals, periodicals and newspapers. Includes a separate new journal index, links to other journal collections and a submission form for new listings. MagNet et.html MagNet is a listing of computer and Internet magazines. Part of the Milewski Index, it includes links to Computer Currents, HotWired, the Cybernautics Digest and many other publications. Mir - Editoria in Rete Visit this site for an index of rabble-rousing Italian periodicals, including the political broadsheets, il Manifesto and Manifestolibri. In Italian only. Newsletter Library The Internet Newsletter Library contains a categorized list of more than 11,000 newsletters covering every topic imaginable -- from alcoholism to fly fishing to pharmaceutical developments. Visitors can use the online order form to request free copies of newsletters. Online Magazines Magazine categories offered at this logo-infested link-a-thon include news, computers, arts, music, business and science. It's just like browsing at a newsstand. Taxi International Newsstand /users/taxicat/newsstand.html The home page for California-based newsstand Taxi International News contains links to Web sites for numerous magazines and newspapers, both electronic and print. A search engine is also provided. The WWW Virtual Library Electronic Journals Catalog The WWW Virtual Library maintains the Electronic Journals Catalog with online search resources, academic journals, magazines and newspapers, a keyword search and more. News & Information : Daily News : U.S. Newspapers Beloit Daily News Home Page The Beloit (Wis.) Daily News home page supplies the day's top local stories, as well as article archives, special sections, comic strips, columns and a schedule of local government meetings. Visitors will also find information on subscribing and submitting letters to the editors. Birmingham Post-Herald The online edition of Alabama's Birmingham Post-Herald provides daily headlines, a roundup of local and national news, sports, commentary and religion, and "best bets" for entertainment activities in the Birmingham area. The Capital The Capital Online is an electronic version of the Annapolis, Md., daily newspaper. With a focus on local news and a columnar format, this site almost feels like newsprint. The Dallas Morning News Opinions The Dallas Morning News provides a sampling of its editorials and analytical reporting at this site. Examples include the series "Whither the Cities," "The We Decade" and the complete text of the newspaper's coverage of the 1993 siege at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco. The site also provides an opportunity for instant reader response. Detroit Journal .html This online version of The Detroit Free Press, produced by striking workers, offers standard newspaper fare -- daily, business and sports news, columns, editorials and letters -- without the newsprint. Visitors also can access union news. Detroit News The Detroit News maintains this site for its online edition. Visit here for local, national and international news, business and sports features, and links to local Internet resources. The Gate -- San Francisco A joint venture of the San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner newspapers, The Gate is a full-service and technologically sophisticated daily newspaper that offers regional and national news, sports, commentary and classifieds. Houston Chronicle Interactive Houston Chronicle Interactive is the online version of the Texas daily. It includes excerpts from the day's newsstand edition, up-to-the-minute headlines and links to community resources. Requires registration. Maui News tml The Maui News, covering local and international issues for the laid-back populace of the Hawaiian island, maintains this online site to supplement its daily print edition. Visit to read current articles, browse an index of sun-struck tourism info and link to other "hot" Internet sites. Mercury Center The San Jose Mercury News provides up-to-the-minute news and features -- including its much-lauded coverage of Silicon Valley and the technology biz -- at this pioneering online site. Some portions are available by subscription only. Milford Cabinet and Wilton Journal The Milford Cabinet and Wilton Journal, two newspapers in New Hampshire, provide regional news here. Includes information on communities, businesses and religious services in the area, plus a link to the Hollis-Brookline Journal. The Nando Times The Nando Times online news service (from the Charlotte, N.C., News and Observer) provides daily updates on top stories from the world, the nation, the playing fields and and the political arena. A classified-ad service targets users from North Carolina. Additional links to online travel and financial services are available. Newshare tml Newshare is the online home for the American Reporter, offering daily news, editorials, humor and other scribblings. The enterprise is owned by the reporters themselves, who appreciate your patronage. The Record RD/ The Record home page is the electronic adjunct of a newspaper in Troy, N.Y. The online version provides headlines, sports scores, entertainment schedules and a visitors' guide to the many wonders of Troy. RWorld From The Orange County Register RWorld is a limited Web version of the Orange County, Calif., Register. This page features selected stories and images from the newspaper. St. Petersburg Times Visitors can read daily news and sports features from the Tampa Bay, Fla., area here. When we visited, this online newspaper said it would soon add classifieds. San Francisco Chronicle index.shtml A complete index to the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, this site archives articles that are a year old or less. Also links to related news-feature pages. The San Francisco Free Press _Press/welcome.html The San Francisco Free Press was published electronically for almost two weeks in November 1994 by striking employees of the San Francisco Chronicle, The San Francisco Examiner and the San Francisco Newspaper Agency. The online editions from those days are archived here. San Jose Mercury News Breaking News This is the older, text-based version of the Silicon Valley's main newspaper's breaking news page. The San Jose Mercury News offers hyperlinked headlines to a short version of the day's latest news. San Mateo Times Home Page .html Daily news and information from Northern California's San Mateo Times is featured here. Also find stock quotes, weather, comics, horoscopes and personals. An archive of back issues is available. Search the San Francisco Examiner This database provides a search tool for finding articles and information in the San Francisco Examiner daily newspaper. Includes instructions for use of the keyword-driven search engine. Standard-Times Home Page The Standard-Times, an electronic newspaper based in southern Massachusetts, presents link-laden coverage of state, national and international news. Features and information of local interest, comics and various online search tools complete the page. Tacoma News Tribune The Tacoma News Tribune presents TRIBweb, an online version of the Northwest daily. Visitors can read news, sports and weather reports from the last 10 days, search the classified ads or link to a variety of entertaining and informative Web sites. -- The Internet Newspaper, "the Internet newspaper," offers readers general news reports, sports, weather and feature stories. Additional attractions include an online Web search tool and links to reference and shopping sites. USA Today Online The online version of "the nation's newspaper" offers easily digestible sections on news, sports, money, lifestyles and weather. Regular readers of the paper will note that USA Today offers extensive coverage of the Internet and emerging technologies. Washington Free Press From this gateway, visitors can access the free-thinking Seattle newspaper's coverage of news, politics, the arts and special events in Washington State. Worldwide News The online Worldwide News offers coverage of politics, sports, entertainment and general-interest news. Includes an online shopping mall and a link to the InterList, an online reference library. News & Information : Daily News : Broadcasting Companies ABC News Reports .html Users of the RealAudio Player software can check the ABC News Web site for hourly news updates, along with sports reports and the Peter Jennings Journal. The service is free. ABC Radio Net Did you miss Peter Jennings' newscast tonight? You can listen to it here, along with news on the hour, sports, weather and David Brinkley. You can also pick a city from an image map for local news. And this site includes plenty more nifty features. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Headline News a/radio/programs/news/news.html The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation provides a headline news service at this site. Includes links to international mirror sites, a subject search index and pointers to other sites of interest. CBC Radio News Hourly news briefs on Canada and the world are published on this headline news service operated by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. CBS News Up To The Minute Snippets of overnight news coverage from CBS television can be found at this site, embellished with audio and video features. In addition to general news, the site promises the latest Internet news, movie reviews, women's health reports, parenting tips and science stories. A reporter's resource section and a link to the main CBS site fill out the page. C-SPAN Gopher Menu Visitors can download C-SPAN's daily broadcast schedule here. The nonprofit cable television network, which airs unedited footage of the U.S. government at work, also posts press releases, transcripts and miscellaneous government publications. Internet Radio Nexus Visit this site to tune in broadcasts from UNESCO Radio, United Nations Radio, Swiss Radio International and other international airwave offerings. The site includes the software needed to play the broadcasts. KVOA-TV Tucson -- Eyewitness News Online KVOA-TV in Tucson, Ariz., offers news, weather, opinion and stock information here. Visitors can download daily newscast scripts, biographical sketches of the anchors and sports updates. WCBS NewsRadio 88 The home page of WCBS NewsRadio 88, New York, dishes up "all news, all day, all night." Visitors to the site will find the latest top news, sports and weather reports. News & Information : Daily News : News Services & Directories Associated Press Wire Stories on Information junkies can browse breaking news hot off the Associated Press wire at this Web site, maintained by the Casper, Wyo., Star-Tribune and Howard Publications. Stories, updated every five minutes, are indexed both topically and regionally. ClariNet Home Page This subscription-based electronic news service offers a broad array of features -- general and international news, sports, technology, entertainment and financial items, and U.S. government information. Visitors will find ordering info, as well as details on related newsgroups. Commercial News Services on the Internet jou.htm The Commercial News Services on the Internet page provides links to news services categorized by type and frequency. Also includes gopher and telnet listings. CRAYON -- Create Your Own Newspaper This is the home page for CRAYON, as in CReAte Your Own Newspaper. The service is "a tool for managing (U.S.) news sources on the Net ... a news page customized for you with the daily information that you are most interested in." Visitors can check out a sample newspaper here, or start one of their own. The Daily News - Free Internet Sources news.html This catalog service lists sites on the Net that provide "significant news on a daily basis without charge." It also provides a link to the free inet-news mailing list, where new online info services can declare themselves for all the world to judge. The Daily News -- Just the Links tml A boon for newshounds, this site connects info-junkies with online daily news sources from around the world. Visitors can link to dozens of geographically indexed home pages maintained by newsgathering organizations or check out special current events sections providing details on specific newsworthy subjects. IBM infoSage IBM infoSage is a news service for busy people. Members create a profile of their specific interests and then receive a newsletter two times a day, carefully tailored to include only the news relevant to requested topics. delivers piping hot news, sports and entertainment info to visitors in a variety of packages. Visit here to link to the Nando Times, Nando Next, and other cutting-edge info sites. NewsPage NewsPage boasts a comprehensive listing of more than 500 online business news resources and 25,000 pages of related information. Browsers can register to access articles, organized by industry. Topics covered range from multimedia and banking to insurance and environmental services. News Summary This page, from the internetMCI collection, offers headline news briefs. Links to business, sports, entertainment and politics pages are also featured. The New York Times Information Services Group The New York Times Information Services Group's best-known product is TimesFax (a daily fax digest of the newspaper), and you can access it here. This site also has information on other divisions within the group and provides pointers to other NYT sites, such as Computer News Daily and Your Health Daily. New York Times' TimesFax Service TimesFax provides highlights and excerpts from the New York Times daily newspaper (America's "newspaper of record"), including political, business, sports and editorial coverage. Visitors can register for the free service from this info page. The Omnivore News junkies won't go wanting when they explore the bounty of news, weather, economics, sports and culture links offered here. Regional, national, international and topical links are featured along with pointers to search engines for quick reference. The Online Intelligence Project intelweb/index.html People interested in international news and commerce can get the up-to date news through the Online Intelligence Project home page. It features news, security information and reference materials for regions around the world. It also includes a Bosnia update. Open Media Research Institute Daily Digest Publications/Digests/DigestIndex.html The Czech-based Open Media Research Institute (OMRI) provides a collection of electronic newsbriefs on the economic situation of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Guests can subscribe to the daily newsbulletin service here or check out representative samples of features. The PA NewsCentre The U.K.'s Press Association NewsCentre provides daily news, sports and weather reports, as well as job and television. Point Now Self-described as "your daily connection to the pulse of the Web," Point Now delivers a concise, timely guide to news stories posted on servers around the World. It's a service of Point Communication, the folks who rate the Web's "Top 5%." E. W. Scripps Co. The Scripps Howard corporation owns newspapers, television stations and cable systems nationwide. Visitors to its home page can link to dozens of these holdings. WorldNews OnLine WorldNews Online offers newspapers and news services from around the globe. Visitors can read the full text of selected international newspapers and news services. News & Information : Journalism & Writing Resources : Professional Resources Airwaves Media Resource The Airwaves Media Resource home page is devoted to discussions and news on radio and television broadcasting. Visitors will find publications, newsgroups and links to sites relating to the U.S. broadcasting industry. Hot News/Hot Research nter/hrintro.html Journalists chasing the latest info brushfire can stop by the Hot News/Hot Research page (from The Poynter Institute for Media Studies) for links to potential interview subjects on breaking news stories. New links to qualified "talking heads" are added as events unfold around the world. The Internet and the Writer on/ckind/Baker.html Wired scribes will get an overview of sources available on the Internet from this wide-range essay. The document discusses mailing lists, bulletin boards and newsgroups, and contains tips on electronic queries and submissions. The Internet Newsroom .html The Internet Newsroom is a gateway to key resources for journalists and researchers. Includes links to international news sources, the National Press Club, article archives and journalism education pages. Media and Communication Studies Media and communications studies come to the Web via this page of links to academic papers. Maintained by a faculty member at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, this site points to publications covering topics such as semiotics, news media, advertising, film studies, media influence and more. Media Online Yellow Pages lowp.html The Media Online Yellow Pages is an index of broadcast media Web sites and e-mail addresses around the world. It is heavy on television and light on radio listings. Regulatory and research databases are included, as well as an index search. A Reporter's Internet Survival Guide An Oklahoma journalist provides this list of Web resources for reporters. Find government-sponsored sites, reference materials and links to general online search engines. Survey.Net A product of the Louisiana-based Internet Commerce Corporation, Survey.Net takes the pulse of users through its online polls dealing with today's topical issues. Also find featured columns and letters from readers. WWW Virtual Library: Journalism This segment of the WWW Virtual Library is devoted to journalism and provides numerous links to journalism-related sites. Associations, clubs, universities, grants and news bureaus are in the mix. News & Information : Journalism & Writing Resources : Publications & Industry News American Journalism Review NewsLink Advertising itself as "the most comprehensive news resource on the World Wide Web," the American Journalism Review NewsLink offers visitors free access to "all" newspaper, magazine, broadcasting and news service sites. Find links to selected sites of the week and the NewsLink Top 25, plus surveys, research and more. Canadian Journal of Communications The Canadian Journal of Communication has set up this home page which includes abstracts of papers published in recent issues. Other information includes submissions and subscriptions, and an editorial statement. Global Student News Global Student News seeks to provide a forum for sharing ideas useful to students and educators involved in news media. Using Internet distribution as a springboard, the site offers learning tools to get student online publications up and running. Media Watchdog edia/ Media Watchdog is a collection of online resources with specific media criticism and information about media watchgroups. Emphasis is on critiquing the accuracy and exposing biases of the mainstream media. Links to related organizations. Pulitzer Prizes The Pulitzer Prizes are among the highest awards bestowed upon newspaper reporters, authors, playwrights and composers in America. Features here include a current list of winners, audio excerpts, full texts of selected news articles and synopses of honored books. News & Information : Journalism & Writing Resources : Student Newspapers Arizona Daily Wildcat t The Arizona Daily Wildcat, the student print newspaper at the University of Arizona, is published on weekdays during the fall and spring semesters. This page contains the paper's editorial and advertising information as well as an archive of back issues. Bucknellian lian/current/ The Bucknellian, the student newspaper of Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pa., maintains this site to supplement its regular print edition. Visit here for articles on campus activities, sports, world news and opinions from a decidedly Bucknell perspective. Campus Press /campuspress/Presshome.html The Campus Press student newspaper of the University of Colorado, Boulder, maintains this site to supplement its biweekly print edition. Visit here for campus and community news, opinion columns and a vicarious whiff of the Rockies. Carolina ina/carolina.html Carolina is an e-mail news service covering the Czech Republic. It is published weekly by journalism students at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, Prague. In Czech and English. The Chronicle Online Duke University's student newspaper, the Chronicle offers this suitably brainy online version with current campus news and editorials, a sports databank, and an archive of back issues. The Daily Beacon beacon The Daily Beacon is an independent student newspaper at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. This site features the contents of the current and previous issues, and links to campus information as well as other student papers on the Internet. Digital Cardinal The Digital Cardinal is the online version of the daily newspaper of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. The site offers articles, feature stories and opinions that cover campus and city news, the arts, and the exploits of the mighty Badger sports teams. The site also offers an archive of past issues and links to other student-journalism pages. Fishwrap Fishwrap is an experimental personalized newspaper project designed to help integrate first year students into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology community. Provides links to hometown media services, MIT news servers, feature articles and other selections. Netcomtalk .html Netcomtalk, an online multimedia publication presented by Boston University' s college of communication, posts daily news reports and showcases student work. Feature stories, photo-essays and information about the college's faculty and alumni can be found in this spiffy cyberspace product. Oklahoma Daily Online The Oklahoma Daily Online from the University of Oklahoma provides weekday editions during the school year and archives of recent editions. Read special coverage of events such as the Oklahoma City bombing as well as previews of Sooner football games. Daily features include news, opinion, sports coverage, and arts and entertainment listings. Old Gold and Black The Old Gold and Black is the campus newspaper of Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N.C. The newspaper's electronic edition features university news, editorials, sports and entertainment, and also offers an archive of its back issues. Omnibus: Eye at Northwestern University The Department of Radio, Television and Film at Northwestern University details its Omnibus: Eye project here. The project studies the production of digital media on the Web; this page contains links to exemplary pages. The Orion Online Check out what's happening this week on the campus of California's Chico State University. Orion Online, an electronic edition of the student newspaper, includes news articles, sports, entertainment, opinion, a photo index and more. The Tech The Tech (the oldest and largest campus newspaper) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology maintains this online edition. Visitors can read the twice-weekly issues, search the archives, access general MIT information or link to related technology sites. The Technician ud_pubs/Technician/ The electronic edition of the Technician, North Carolina State University's thrice-weekly newspaper, features daily news, campus information and an archive of back issues. Trincoll Journal rincolljournal.html The Trincoll Journal, of Connecticut's Trinity College, is an online weekly of student writing that bills itself as the Internet's original Web zine. Incorporating video, sounds and graphics in its articles, the Trincoll Journal is free and open to reader submissions. University Daily Kansan wis/UDK/UDKpg1.html The University Daily Kansan is the student-produced campus newspaper for the University of Kansas. This online edition features daily campus and sports news, weather and entertainment. University Newspaper Index beacon The Daily Beacon at the University of Tennessee maintains this index of online university newspapers around the world. The site also includes pointers to professional and student journalism organizations and related education resources. University Publications Gopher This gopher server provides access to a wide range of electronic publications from American universities. Visitors will find newspapers, magazines, journals, reviews and radio news bulletins. Washington Square News Washington Square News, the daily student newspaper of New York University, is available here in electronic form. Read its most recent articles, browse an index of back issues, link to other university newspapers, and get a vicarious taste of Greenwich Village. News & Information : Consumer Information Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology The Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology, supported by industrial groups, aims to improve understanding and assessment of the adverse effects of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and consumer products on humans. Information about the organization's activities and summaries of its reports are online here. Consumer Information Center This page features a catalog of consumer information, provided by the Consumer Information Center in Pueblo, Colo. Categories include cars, health, children, small businesses, employment and money. Also available are links to related sites, media listings and the Consumer Centers' Top 20. CouponNet Home Page CouponNet is a service pointing visitors to products sold on the Internet for which money saving coupons are available. The exchange area allows visitors to trade coupons and rebate offers with one another. Federal Trade Commission Consumer Brochures /brochures.html Browsers interested in educating themselves about consumer problems and rights will find more than 100 brochures published by the Federal Trade Commission's Office of Consumer and Business Education. Topics run the gamut, from credit card fraud to buying over the phone and telemarketing scams. Home Recording Rights Coalition The Home Recording Rights Coalition is a nonprofit information and lobbying group dedicated to preserving consumers' rights "to purchase and use audio and video recording products for noncommercial purposes." Read the organization's latest news and calls to action here. Street Cents Online l This online companion to the Canadian television series is all about money -- "how to get it and how not to get ripped off when you spend it." Join the show's street-smart team of young correspondents online as they reveal what's a deal and what's not. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Gopher Since 1972, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has kept a watchful eye on products to protect the safety of consumers. Visit this gopher menu for the commission's publications, product hazard reports and press releases. U.S. National Debt Clock Find up-to-date, up-to-the-minute information on the national debt of the United States government. Stalwart visitors can also link to a variety of topic-related sites. Government : Military : U.S. Aberdeen Test Center In the field at the Aberdeen Test Center, the U.S. Army tests its weapons to ensure they work properly. Visit this page to read a history of the facility and review its testing procedures. ACQWeb - Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition & Technology ACQWeb serves as a public access service for information pertaining to the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology's unclassified activities. Read publicly accessible documents from the U.S. military's tech heads. Air Combat Command - Customer Assistance Center Air Combat Command of Langley, Va., is the largest major command in the U.S. Air Force. This home page features an ACC history and biographies of staff, as well as Air Force news and links to topical sites. Air Force Materiel Command Materiel is the nuts and bolts and bullets that keep the military running. At this site, visitors will find links to the organizations within the Air Force Materiel Command, including air logistics centers, product centers and laboratories. AFMC news, programs, projects and publications are also featured. Some areas are restricted to military access. Air Force Maui Optical Station Part of the Maui Space Surveillance Site, the Air Force Maui Optical Station is a one-of-a-kind installation, combining operational satellite tracking facilities with a research and development facility. Find an overview of AMOS, a user's manual, an image gallery, publications and more. The Air Force Reserve The Headquarters Air Force Reserve Web site provides information to the Defense Department and public. Defense Department info is confidential and requires passwords, but the public informaton is free for everyone. This includes news releases as well as enlistment info. AirForceLINK AirForceLINK is the home page of the U.S. Department of the Air Force. Find fact sheets, links to the commands, photo galleries and a search tool for the numerous Air Force databanks and servers. Users can also access the latest edition of Airman Magazine. Army Link - The Fort Bliss HomePage Visit the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery School at the Fort Bliss, Texas, home page. Visitors are allowed to tour the base and follow links to local and Web-wide U.S. Army servers. Arnold Engineering Development Center Located at Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee, the Arnold Engineering Development Center is the world's largest flight-simulation test facility. Links include the EPA/AEDC Spectral Database, AEDC technical reports and the AEDC newsletter. Assistant Secretary of the Army Financial Management and Comptroller The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Comptroller provides this Web site with information on the Pentagon and the ASA FM&C office. Find links to the Army's budget, financial operations and resource analysis offices, plus resource management publications and more. Backgrounds Data Center Home Page The Backgrounds Data Center is a major archive site for the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization. The home page describes the center's mission and software development efforts, and provides links to other sites in the Space Sciences Division of the Naval Research Laboratory. Brooks Air Force Base World Wide Web Server The Brooks Air Force Base site profiles the facilities and activities of the U.S. military installation as well as offering links to other Air Force servers accessible via the Internet. Capt. Richard M. Cassidy, U.S.N. .html This Web page provides a personal biography of U.S. Navy Capt. Richard M. Cassidy. It explains Cassidy's background and his work as a commanding officer at the Naval Research Laboratory and includes a link to the home page. The Center for Army Lessons Learned< br> The Center for Army Lessons Learned, a project of the U.S. Army, maintains this site for its history-based instructional program. Visit here to learn about the program, browse its index of military publications, contact staff members, subscribe to its news update service and more. China Lake Research and Technology Division Located in China Lake, Calif., the Research and Technology Division supports the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division through its weapon systems research and development work. Visit this site to access RTD's research branches, technology programs and information resources. Dr. Timothy Coffey tml This page from the Naval Research Laboratory's directory profiles Dr. Timothy Coffey, the director of research. The doctor is recognized as an authority on the theory of nonlinear oscillations and has played a major role in the national program on high-altitude nuclear effects. Cooperative Monitoring Center The Cooperative Monitoring Center at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M., helps political and technical experts acquire the technology-based tools they need to implement nonproliferation and arms control. The center provides an overview of its work and information on security technology here. Data and Analysis Center for Software An overview, databases, technical reports and program information are available at this site of the Data and Analysis Center for Software from the U.S. Department of Defense. The pages are searchable. Defense Acquisition University< br> The U.S. Defense Acquisition University offers overviews of its courses and event schedule at this site. Created by Congress in 1990 to consolidate training for the Defense Acquisition Workforce, the DAU offers links to the Acquisition Reform Communications Center and other related sites. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is the central research and development organization for the U.S. Department of Defense. Visit this site to learn about DARPA's mission, organizational structure and contract activities. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Electronics Technology Office Find up-to-date information on the electronics research being sponsored by the Electronics Technology Office of the Department of Defense's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. An overview of programs and contact information are featured. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Information Technology Office me.html The Information Technology Office serves the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense as a research link in the field of information technologies. Visitors to this home page can learn more about ITO and its research programs, or link to related information servers. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency STARS Program www.stars.ballston.p The Software Technology for Adaptable, Reliable Systems project is a U.S. Air Force-associated endeavor dedicated to increasing software productivity, reliability and quality. Visit this site to read about STARS projects, technical papers and news updates, or to link to the home pages of related programs. Defense Information Systems Agency The Defense Information Systems Agency's mission is to develop, operate and maintain information systems for the Department of Defense. Site features include links to DISA services, software programs and related organizations. Defense Information Systems Agency, Defense Message System Charged with providing low-cost and secure messaging within the Department of Defense, the Defense Message System program is the subject of this page. Find an overview of the program, links to its managers and pointers to related pages. Defense Information Systems Agency, Information Technology Standards Document Library _lib.html The Information Technology Standards Document Library serves as a central online clearinghouse for "policies, guidance, standards and other references related to building affordable, maintainable and interoperable standards-based information systems" for the Department of Defense. Defense Information Systems Agency, WESTHEM Server This central server offers links to Army Installation Support Modules, the DISA WESTHEM Systems Management Center, Defense Megacenters and the DISA WESTHEM Home Page. Defense Logistics Services Center The mission of the Defense Logistics Services Center is to support the Department of Defense "through the collection, processing, storage and dissemination of data." Find info on DLSC training and workshops, profiles of its products and services, and links to related sites. Defense Standardization Program Division home.html The Defense Standardization Program Office of the U.S. Department of Defense maintains this site featuring updates on military specifications and reform. A FAQ, links to newsletters and memos, and contact information are featured. The Defense Technical Information Center The Defense Technical Information Center contributes to the management of defense research for the U.S. Department of Defense. Visit this site to learn about the center and access many of its resources, including a gopher site, help desk, user services and more. Defense Technical Information Web A service of the U.S. Defense Technical Information Center, this site acts as an electronic clearinghouse of information about, and of interest to, the U.S. Department of Defense. Visitors can access reports chronicling related news, acquisition announcements and research activities. Includes links to other military-related resources. Department of Veterans Affairs This is the official Web site for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Visitors will find profiles of veterans, details of veteran benefits, and descriptions of facilities and research programs. Economic Conversion Information Exchange Gopher The gopher menu of the Economic Conversion Information Exchange is a clearinghouse of information about defense downsizing and industrial demilitarization. ECIX is designed to serve communities, industries and workers in the post-Cold War era. The clearinghouse provides news, bulletins and a calendar of events, with a bibliography of publications and resource materials. Fort Monmouth At the Fort Monmouth U.S. Army base in New Jersey soldiers are preparing for war with computers, communications, intelligence and the electronic warfare project book. Take a look at how the military is preparing for the future with the public information offered here. Fort McPherson The Web site for Fort McPherson in Atlanta provides information on available computer courses, a link to government Web servers and information about Atlanta. Global Positioning System Time Series h/series.html Curious visitors can finger the U.S. Department of Defense's electric eyes in the sky at this home page, which records the locations of the 24 satellites that make up the DoD's Global Positioning System. Includes information about the GPS. GulfLINK: Persian Gulf War Veterans Illnesses Home Page GulfLINK, a service of the U.S. Defense Technical Information Center, provides access to the Persian Gulf War Veterans Illnesses Task Force. Visit here for reported illness cases, declassified documents, news releases and other information resources. Hazardous and Medical Waste Program Papers, reports and guides are featured from the Hazardous and Medical Waste Program at the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine. Information on teams and services, as well as phone numbers, also are available. Hill Air Force Base, Environment, Safety & Occupational Health Find FTP sites, organizational directories, databases and other resources at Hill Air Force Base's Environmental, Safety & Occupational Health site. Also find information on Superfund cleanup sites and environmental management plans. James Madison University Reserve Officer Training Corps James Madison University presents this Web site devoted to its Reserve Officers Training Corps program. Visitors can read pages offering general information about the ROTC program and its cadet resources, or link to related sites of interest. Jane's Electronic Information System Jane's Electronic Information System is a collaboration between Jane's Information Group and BTG, Inc. The site is a defense and aerospace information center. Includes a demonstration, overview and FAQ. Jane's Online Jane's Online offers information about defense, weaponry, civil aviation and transportation. Visitors to this page will find Jane's interview of the week, free screen savers, photos, combat simulations, a resource center and a product catalog. LabLINK - Department of Defense Laboratory Community System LabLINK provides a vehicle for coordination and interaction among Department of Defense laboratories. Find links to specific lab sites, policy issues, legislation and other resources. List of 81 DoD Lab Activities bman/projects/list.html Featured at this site is an index of 81 Department of Defense laboratories, grouped by service branch. Laboratory activity information is also included with each entry. Logistics Planning and Requirements System A product of the Acquisition Logistics Center, the Logistics Planning and Requirements System "leads an ILS manager through the thought process necessary to plan and execute an ILS program." Find out more about LOGPARS, review news and updates or access reference materials. Ron Martini's Navy Submarine Base ~rontini/ronpage.html Unabashed submarine worship is the order of the day at Ron Martini's Navy Submarine Base. This personal home page highlights submarine resources and military news. Materials Science and Component Technology Directorate l/direct/code.6000.html Looking for new materials, developing new uses for old materials and studying material behavior lies behind the U.S. Navy's Web site on materials science and component technology. The directorate concentrates on fluid mechanics and hydrodynamics, nuclear weapons effect simulations and interaction of materials with radiation. Military Family Institute Located at Marywood College in Scranton, Pa., the Military Family Institute is a Department of Defense research facility focusing on families. Find a general overview of the institute and its current research. Military Intelligence Detachment, 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne) L/20sfga/mid20sfga.html One of two Army National Guard Special Forces Groups, the 20th Special Forces Group is headquartered in Birmingham, Ala. The Military Intelligence Detachment uses this page to outline its organization and mission. National Defense University The National Defense University in Washington, D.C., presents a site filled with information on its institutes and colleges, including the National War College and the Institute for National Strategic Studies. A searchable index of research and publications is provided. Naval Aviation Systems TEAM The Naval Aviation Systems TEAM develops and supports sea-based systems for aircraft. Visit this site to learn more about the TEAM, its mission and vision. Also find links to other Navy sites. Naval In-Service Engineering West Coast Division Serving the Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center (one of four major warfare centers) the In-Service Engineering West Coast Division (NISE West) performs diverse electronic systems support functions. Visit this page for a profile of the San Diego-based unit and contact information. Naval Postgraduate School The Naval Postgraduate School provides an overview of the U.S. Navy's advanced training institution, information on academic departments and programs of study. Includes links to administrative departments, research groups and campus-wide information systems. The Naval Research Laboratory The Naval Research Laboratory is the Navy's corporate research and development laboratory. This site has information about the laboratory, its directorates, special projects, publications, announcements and more. Naval Research Laboratory Information Technology Division In an effort to improve military operations, the Information Technology Division of the Naval Research Laboratory studies and develops programs for the collection, transmission and processing of information. Find out more about the ITD and the NRL, plus find links to related sites. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Coastal Systems Station Located in Panama City, Fla., the Naval Surface Warfare Center's Coastal Systems Station serves as the lead center of technical direction and development for sea- and land-mine countermeasures, special warfare programs, strategic sealift capabilities and amphibious assault techniques. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division The Naval Surface Warfare Center's Dahlgren Division site features an overview of the division, its facilities, events and publications. Also find links to local servers such as the Signal Processing and Electro-Optics Groups, and the Coastal Systems Station. Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division, Advanced Computation Technology Group The Advanced Computation Technology Group at the Naval Surface Warfare Center's Dahlgren Division maintains this site outlining its mission to apply pattern recognition and image-processing techniques to naval operations. Find out more about the group and its current research. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Louisville Site The Naval Surface Warfare Center's Louisville Site links visitors to military Web servers containing information on weapons (big and small) and testing equipment. Includes links to NavyOnLine and the Navy News Service. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Hydromechanics Directorate The Hydromechanics Directorate is the U.S. Navy lab "responsible for the research, development, testing, and evaluation of ships, submarines and other marine technologies." Visit this site for a multimedia project gallery, technical reports and an organizational overview. Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence Involved in the field since 1982, the Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence reviews its mission and presents an overview of its projects at this site. Also find general information about the center and its operation. Navy Environmental Programs The Department of the Navy's Environmental Program educates visitors about the program's latest conservation techniques and applications. The site includes a directory of key names, phone numbers and addresses for more information. Navy News Service www. Located at the Navy Public Affairs Library, the Navy News Service is the primary news organ of the Department of Navy. Visitors to this page are invited to learn more about the NAVPALIB and NAVNEWS, and to download current and past news reports. Navy Jobs Home Page This U.S. Navy career page offers information on job opportunities in the fleet and in medicine. Find job descriptions and information on the benefits of the military life, including college savings plans and travel. Navy Public Affairs Library /navpalib/.www/welcome.html The U.S. Navy maintains NavyOnLine to provide access to its external communications resources. Visit this segment, the Navy Public Affairs Library, to learn about Navy departments and worldwide activities, view its large collection of documents and publications, and download graphic images. NavyOnLine Home Page This is a gateway to the U.S. Department of the Navy's online resources. Visitors will find dozens of links here to such locations as the Navy News Service, the Public Affairs Library and Recruiting Command. Nellis Air Force Base Located in Las Vegas, Nellis Air Force Base, "Home of the Fighter Pilot," maintains this site outlining the units that support the base's Air Warfare Center. Find info on the 57th Wing and the 99th Air Base Wing, as well as an aircraft gallery. The Northrop Grumman SC W3 Server Grumman Data Systems, a division of Northrop Grumman Corporation, develops software systems for military and industrial manufacturing. GDS promotes its products and services at this commercial Web site. Office of Naval Research The Office of Naval Research, promoting the science and technology programs of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, maintains this informational site for an overview of its missions and activities. Visit here to learn about the office and its technical advice programs. Office of the Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence Delve deep into the U.S. federal bureaucracy with a trip to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence. Visitors are invited to inspect staff photos and bios, and review official policy directives. Patch American High School Located at Patch Barracks, headquarters for the U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany, Patch American High School welcomes visitors to the site of the first high school Web server in Europe. The school's academics and extracurricular activities are highlighted. Pentagon Home Page www.dtic Visitors to this Web site can learn about the Pentagon, the enormous, five-sided building that headquarters the U.S. Department of Defense. Includes tour and historical information about the structure, plus statistics and a schedule of operating hours. PERSCOM Online PERSCOM Online is the gateway to U.S. Army Personnel Command resources. Site features include information on selection boards and promotions, and an online index arranged by subject. Phillips Laboratory Phillips Laboratory on Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, N.M., describes itself as "a world-class research center for national defense in space and missile systems, geophysics, directed energy and advanced weapons concepts." Find research reports, facility descriptions and links to the lab's staff Reliability Analysis Center A Department of Defense facility, the Reliability Analysis Center improves the "reliability and maintainability of components and systems" through the collection, analysis and dissemination of pertinent data. Visitors to this page can find out more about the center, its information products and engineering services. Rome Laboratory Reliability Science Publications Directory wsletter.html This Web site is home to reliability sciences publications produced by the U.S. Air Force's "Super Lab for C4I technology." Includes divisional status reports, newsletters and information about Rome Laboratory's Directorate of Electromagnetics and Reliability. Sandia National Laboratories California This Sandia National Laboratories site offers information on weapons systems and energy research activities at Sandia's California location. Visitors also can access publications, reports and facts about conducting business with Sandia. Scott Air Force Base me.html Located in Illinois, Scott Air Force Base maintains this partially restricted server offering links to its resident units and commands. Find links to the Air Mobility Command, 375th Comm Group, the Air Force C4 Agency and the U.S. Transportation Command. SHAPE Technical Centre General information, projects and publications from the SHAPE Technical Centre are the focus here. STC, which conducts research and provides technical assistance for Allied Command Europe, also offers links to other NATO organizations. Software Technology Support Center Located at the Ogden Air Logistics Center at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, the Software Technology Support Center helps Air Force software organizations create and produce better products. This site explains the STSC's adoption and evaluation services, and provides links to technical documents and other related sites. Soldiers Online /soldiers/home.html Soldiers, the official U.S. Army magazine, is published to provide personnel with information about people, politics, operations, technical developments and trends. Find the current and past issues here, plus contact and submission information. Team Redstone Team Redstone from Redstone Arsenal in Alabama furnishes U.S. Army Missile Command directives, information and news here. The site also offers historical information on the arsenal and pointers to centers, offices and projects. U.S. Air Force Academy The U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., maintains this site for general information and Internet resources. Browsers can learn about the school's campus, programs, faculty and students. Links to related sites and a keyword search of Internet tools are also available. U.S. Air Force Rome Laboratory The U.S. Air Force's Rome Laboratory works to advance communications technology for the Air Force and assist in the creation of related applications for private industry. Visit this site for current events, information on technology transfers and Internet resources. U.S. Air Force Web Servers Directory .html A list of links to World Wide Web servers maintained by the U.S. Air Force is found at this site. Visitors can use a clickable map to access the servers. U.S. Army The home page of the U.S. Army opens with greetings from the Army's Chief of Staff, then marches on to present the Army's military vision, a performance review, recruitment info and a personnel location directory. More than 300 Army-related pages are on the Web, all of which can be reached from here. U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories The home page for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Construction Engineering Research Laboratories in Champaign, Ill., features an overview of the facility and its mission. Links also provide visitors with details on the laboratories' operations, personnel and research projects. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Information Network The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers serves to "manage and execute engineering, construction and real estate programs for the U.S. Army and Air Force and for other federal agencies." The USACE Information Network provides news, information on programs and links to resources inside and outside USACE. U.S. Army Intelligence Center at Fort Huachuca The U.S. Army Intelligence Center at Fort Huachuca sponsors this Web site in an attempt "to create an interactive educational environment." Visitors can read information on the center's school, the garrison and its forces, or they can link to other military resources on the Web. U.S. Army Research Laboratory A mission statement for the Army Research Laboratory, research directorates and publications are available at this site. Includes news releases, information on business opportunities, technology transfers and links to related government servers. U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command The U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command is the official training program for new recruits. Visitors will find information on the organization's history, nationwide facilities, staff and programs. U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center Located in Alexandria, Va., the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center collects and disseminates information from, to and about radio navigation systems. Visit this site to obtain system updates, charts and local mariner notices. U.S. Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board Information about the U.S. Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board comes to the Internet through this gopher server and its accompanying Web site. The gopher contains general information and a history of the board, as well as links to its recent recommendations for ensuring the safety of nuclear defense facilities. U.S. Marine Corps Headquarters Visitors to the Marine Corps Headquarters page will find links to the offices of the commandant, Personnel Management Division, Human Resources Division, and Administration and Resource Division. Pointers to other governmental and military pages are also included. U.S. Naval Academy The U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., maintains this site offering general information about the undergraduate college for officer training. Links to the school's information resources and an index of U.S. Navy Web pages are featured. U.S. Naval Observatory One of the oldest scientific agencies in the country, the U.S. Naval Observatory provides astronomical data and determines precise time -- both of which are imperative for successful navigation. Visit here to link with its public affairs office, library collection and research directorates. U.S. Navy Information Systems Security Program Office The U.S. Navy's Information Systems Security Program supplies information on its mission, organization, guidelines and resources at this site. An archive of publications, including a quarterly newsletter, is provided. University of Missouri Army Area Handbook Gopher Server umslvma.umsl .edu:70/11/LIBRARY/GOVDOCS/ARMYAHBS The University of Missouri at St. Louis maintains this gopher server for access to its collection of Army Area Handbooks. Visit here for detailed information about a variety of countries, including China, Somalia, South Korea and others. Vietnam Veterans Home Page The Vietnam Veterans Home Page honors "...Vietnam vets, living and dead, who served their country on either side of the conflict." Toward that end, the site includes information about upcoming events, support groups and organizations of interest to veterans. White Sands Missile Range The U.S. Army's White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico maintains this Web site offering information on the installation's general mission, location, personnel and facilities. Links to maps, Internet search tools and other federal government sites are also available. Wright Laboratory Wright Laboratory, located at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, conducts research on Air Force weapon systems. This site offers information on aero propulsion, armaments, avionics, flight dynamics, manufacturing technology and solid-state electronics. Wright Laboratory Armament Directorate The Wright Laboratory Armament Directorate is a munitions development facility at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. Visitors to this site will find descriptions of test programs, research projects, links to facilities and a directory of employees. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Located near Dayton, Ohio, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is the largest, most complex base in the USAF and is home to the Air Force Materiel Command, the Aeronautical Systems Center and the U.S. Air Force Museum. Visit this site to tour the base and its many facilities. Government : Military : International The Australian Defence Force Academy The Australian Defence Force Academy home page contains information on academic departments, programs of study and military training courses. Includes background on the academy, info on student life, faculty profiles and details on the officer leadership programs. Bonn International Center for Conversion The Bonn International Center for Conversion administers this site concerning issues of disarmament and the conversion from wartime to peacetime industries and economies. Information is provided on defense budgets, industry, research and development, base closures and surplus weapons. Canadian Department of National Defence The Department of National Defence Home Page provides all the pertinent facts about Canada's national defense: its structure, functions, finances, latest news and more. In English and French. Chinese Military Aviation Images and information on military aircraft in service or being developed for Chinese armed forces are available at this site. Includes information on fighters, attack aircraft, trainers and helicopters. De re militari Association /cadre/deremil/index.html De re militari Association is a society devoted to the study of classical and medieval military history. Visitors to its site will find newsletters, archives of articles, writing guidelines and membership information. The High Energy Weapons Archive The High Energy Weapons Archive offers a sobering look at the Nuclear Age and the proliferation of nuclear weapons across the world. The Web site features essays, articles and news reports, plus eyewitness accounts provided by survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. NATO - Allied Command Atlantic Allied Command Atlantic is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's major military command in North America. Find news, facts, biographies and other information on the command, as well as links to other NATO sites. NATO Gopher The North Atlantic Treaty Organization supplies this gopher server with a collection of info on European-American political and military cooperation. Visitors can link to gopher servers around the globe, including a number of international peace-initiative organizations. NATO - Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic, Undersea Research Centre NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic (SACLANT) Undersea Research Centre concentrates on improving methods and technology for the detection, classification and localization of submarines and mines. Visitors to its home page can review the organization's research activities, assets, publications and recruitment programs. Swedish Armed Forces Visitors can inspect the Swedish armed forces on this official page, which profiles the Army, Navy and Air Force. The site also offers a clickable map of the peace-loving nation and its military bases. In English and Swedish. Therion's Armor and Weapons Page l Not nearly as menacing as the title would imply, this enthusiast's informational page contains a clanking collection of photographs and descriptions of European and Asian arms and armor. Government : Law : U.S. : Business Law & Criminal Law Advertising Law .html A law firm based in Washington, D.C., posts this primer on advertising law. The site also includes pointers to other marketing and consumer law sites on the Net. Center for Corporate Law, University of Cincinnati The College of Law at the University of Cincinnati serves up a collection of business law resources here. Visitors can access the texts of securities acts, read rules and regulations promulgated under them, and check out additional info on trust and investment laws. The Consumer Law Page rlaw/txt/intro.html Hosted by the Alexander, Rapazzani and Graham law firm, this page offers a variety of consumer law resources and information. Visitors can read topical articles, peruse more than 100 brochures of general interest to consumers and business people, and link to related sites. Cornell Law School Trademark Law Materials Page topics/trademark.html The Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School maintains this collection of trademark law materials. Visitors will find text of legal cases and Supreme Court decisions, international law references, professional publications and other related resources. Crime Scene Evidence File On April 2, 1995, Valerie Wilson, 26, was found murdered in her Oxford, Miss., apartment. With this online investigation, law enforcement encourages observations, questions and, possibly, some leads. A suspect, Wilson's boyfriend, who nearly surrendered on an Undernet chat server, was recently found dead as well. Cryptography Export Control Archives /export.html The U.S. government's policies toward cryptography and encryption are deciphered at this site. Read about legal efforts to keep technology in the hands of the users and the changing status of computer export regulations. Dennis Erlich Copyright Violation Case: Amended Complaint Visitors to this page will find the amended complaint of the Religious Technology Center and Bridge Publications, Inc. against Dennis Erlich. The infringement in question: copyright violation and misappropriation of trade secrets. Dmitri's O.J. Simpson Trial Center yplan/dmiguse/oj.html The O.J. Simpson trial is the focus of this site, which traces events from the pre-murder stage through the jury verdict. There is much information here and many links to other topic-related pages. Forensic Web Home Page nsic.html This index to resources in forensics includes pointers to sites such as the Metro-Dade Police Department Crime Lab, the Legal Research Network and the FBI. Also find links to mailing lists, ftp sites, organizations and resources in forensics education. Galaxy: Intellectual Property - Law www.einet. net/galaxy/Law/Intellectual-Property.html Intellectual property law and its relationship to new media are examined here. Links to a variety of related information archives, periodicals and directories can help visitors grasp the concept. KuesterLaw -- Jeff Kuester's Technology Law Resource Jeff Kuester, a patent, copyright and trademark attorney in Atlanta, provides browsers with a substantial collection of information relating to technology and intellectual property law. Library of Congress Copyright Office< br> The U.S. Library of Congress's Copyright Office offers this gopher server, with a variety of copyright information. Read about what's new at the office, learn copyright basics and get info about electronic copyright registration and recording here. Oppedahl and Larson Patent Law Web Server Maintained by Oppedahl & Larson, a law firm offering patent, copyright, trade secret and other intellectual property rights services, this page contains a variety of information on intellectual property law. Also find a FAQ and back issues of the Oppedahl & Larson News. Police Resource List ess/police/police.html This police resource page contains links to information on police techniques, law enforcement education and Internet resources. It includes links to local, state and federal law enforcement servers. Psychiatry & the Law Psychiatry & the Law, the forensic psychiatry resource page of the University of Alabama, offers information about legal issues surrounding mental illness. Visit here for landmark cases, U.S. Supreme Court rulings, links to psychiatry and law databases, and more. Simpson Court Transcripts lraven/simpson.html This page contains transcripts from the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Also featured are transcripts from interviews with jurors, motions and court orders, and text items introduced into evidence. Ten Big Myths About Copyright Explained .html The 10 Big Copyright Myths page covers issues of intellectual property rights as they relate to the Internet and the World Wide Web. Visitors can read about the facts and common misconceptions concerning copyright law on the Internet. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, General Information on Patents oc.html >From the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office site, this page offers ready answers to pertinent questions such as, "What is a patent?" Review patent laws, find out what can be patented and discover the purpose of the Patent and Trademark Office. U.S. Patent Law ics/patent.html Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute offers comprehensive patent law information at this Web site. Find details on recent Supreme Court rulings, a link to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and a patent database. U.S. Patent Related Network Resources tml Maintained by the Internet Multicasting Service, this site points to patent search services, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the Copyright Office gopher server. Also find links to the Global Network Navigator, the Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School and more. Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy The Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy maintains this Web site offering links to electronic state and federal law resources. Also find an index of U.S. federal government sites, a virtual library and conference room, and info about the Villanova University School of Law. Government : Law : U.S. : State & Federal California's Legal Code al.html Would-be lawyers in California will find information on changes and quirks in the state's legal code on this page sponsored by lawyer Jerome P. Mullins. Fledgling court junkies might be particularly interested in the glossary of legal terms. Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court Cornell University's Legal Information Institute maintains this comprehensive list of U.S. Supreme Court decisions. Visit here to browse and search by keyword for decisions from 1990 to the present. Federal Rules of Evidence The Legal Information Institute presents a complete hypertext version of the U.S. Federal Rules of Evidence. The document includes a full-text search capability. Project Hermes Can't remember whether flag-burning is outlawed or medicinal pot is legal? Through the Project Hermes gopher index at Case Western Reserve University, visitors can download official opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court. Both binding and dissenting opinions are available, dating back to the project's beginnings in 1990. Files are offered in ASCII and WordPerfect formats. U.S. Code Text files of all U.S. federal laws and codes are contained at this site. Visitors can read the law and find resources for legal research. U.S. Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit mundy/opinions.html The past three months' decisions from the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals are provided here in compressed files. A daily log tells visitors what is available. The opinions are in WordPerfect 5.1/5.2 format. U.S. Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit Law students and practitioners can scour the decisions of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at this site. Emory University's law library has provided full texts of these opinions since January 1995 as part of its Courts Publishing Project. U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit .html Visitors here will find archived opinions handed down by the 9th U.S. Court Circuit of Appeals. The past year's decisions are listed by month and by the names of involved parties. A keyword search function was promised. U.S. House of Representatives: Internet Law Library The U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library offers access to U.S. state, federal and territorial law information. Also includes indices of international laws and treaties, along with links to legal library catalogs and attorney directories. U.S. House of Representatives: Internet Law Library - Code of Federal Regulations Need help understanding U.S. federal regulations? The U.S. House of Representatives and Personal Library Software Inc. maintain this site, which contains a text-based, searchable database, to make accessing and understanding the federal code easier. U.S. Supreme Court Decisions Archive /supct/supct.table.html This Web site, maintained by Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute, archives U.S. Supreme Court decisions from 1990 to 1995. Visitors can perform key-word searches or make use of topical and party name indices. Includes topically indexed information on key pre-1990 decisions. U.S. Tax Code On-Line .html Though not sponsored by the U.S. government, this page allows access to the complete text of the U.S. Internal Revenue Title 26 of the Code (26 U.S.C). For ease of cross-referencing, hyperlinks have been embedded in the text. Uniform Commercial Code - Articles 1-9 /ucc.table.html Published by Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute, this hypertext document offers access to Articles 1-9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. Articles are presented individually "for the limited purposes of study, teaching and academic research." Uniform Law Commission Drafts of Uniform and Model Acts are available at this site maintained by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and the Chicago-Kent College of Law. Drafts are available through the Web, gopher, FTP and electronic mail. Comments to the posted drafts may be submitted by postal mail via the address provided. Government : Law : U.S. : Publications & Industry News Federal Communications Law Journal lj.html This online library holds electronic copies of the Federal Communications Law Journal, which is co-published by the Federal Communications Bar Association and the Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington. Includes articles pertaining to U.S. and international communications issues. Groups: law.listserv www.kentlaw.e du/cgi-bin/ldn_news/-G+law.listserv If you're looking for a mailing list on law, this is the place to find one. Listings here range from, the Animal Rights Public News Wire, to law.listserv.telecomreg, which is about telecommunications regulations and cable discussions. High Technology Law Journal ndex.html Delve into the ethical and political issues specific to the information age at the online edition of the High Technology Law Journal. The University of California at Berkeley's School of Law publishes this legal investigation of technology here. How Our Laws Are Made made.toc.html This page from the Thomas site contains an article detailing how proposed legislation becomes law in the U.S. Congress. The article can be reviewed in total or by chapter. Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies Home Page sj.html The Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies offers online issues of this publication. Also included here is subscription and publication information, as well as profiles of the journal's editorial boards. iway hyperdocs, ltd. Colorado-based iway hyperdocs specializes in providing legal hypertext documents to business professionals. Visit here to learn about its online offerings, including a comprehensive listing of Colorado statutes in a variety of downloadable formats. Language in the Judicial Process Language in the Judicial Process, an online newsletter devoted to language and law, provides a wealth of articles on related legal topics. There are archives of abstracts, current citations in the field and links to related sites and resources. Law Office Technology The Law Office Technology site features information about the use of law office technology and its associated issues, negotiating computer contracts, management perspectives and links to related sites. The site is provided by Dana Shultz & Associates, a technology consulting firm. LawTech The LawTech home page supplies information about software and hardware solutions for law offices. In addition to a monthly technology update, LawTech also provides links to other law office technology resources. Lawyers Cooperative Publishing This legal publishing company presents information on products, company history and contact points. Includes a legal list, news items and user feedback. The Legal List -List/TLL-home.html Visitors to this site will find download and search options for the e-text edition of the book, "The Legal List, Fall 1995 Internet Desk Reference, Law-Related References on the Internet and Elsewhere." Litigation Video The Litigation Video home page suggests ways in which video can be further utilized in U.S. courts. The company claims its services can make clients' cases more convincing through such things as video reenactments and taped depositions. The National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law Lesbians, gays and bisexuals can monitor the legal fight for equal rights with the scholarly articles and analyses appearing in The National Journal of Sexual Orientation Law. Visit here to read current and back issues online. The New York Law Publishing Company tml The New York Law Publishing Company supplies its catalog of books, newsletters, CD-ROMs and audio-tapes for the legal community here. The company also conducts also online legal seminars and provides links to law-related resources on the Internet. Prison Legal News /pln/pln.html Prison Legal News is a monthly newsletter published by two Washington State convicts. Directed toward prisoners, their friends and families, PLN aims to help prisoners vindicate their rights and be progressive forces in developing a public policy debate on issues of crime and punishment. Richmond Journal of Law & Technology Visitors to this site will find the Richmond Journal of Law & Technology, one of a coalition of online law journals working to develop standards for the electronic medium. Site features include the current issue, archives of past issues and links to other online law journals. Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance oup/sjlbf Stanford University provides this home page for the Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance. Visitors will find writers' guidelines, subscription info and an archive of past issues and articles. This journal specializes in emerging legal issues affecting the business and finance communities. Government : Schools & Institutes Carnegie-Mellon School of Public Policy and Management The H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University provides information about the school and its academic and research programs here. Visitors also will find links to public policy and management resources, including ArtsNet, an index to arts management and cultural resources. Defense Acquisition University< br> The U.S. Defense Acquisition University offers overviews of its courses and event schedule at this site. Created by Congress in 1990 to consolidate training for the Defense Acquisition Workforce, the DAU offers links to the Acquisition Reform Communications Center and other related sites. The Hoover Institute The Hoover Institute is a conservative think tank located at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. Visitors to its War, Revolution and Peace page will find essays, indexes, research and multimedia presentations on international relations and politics. Institute for the Study of Civic Values iscvhome.html The Institute for the Study of Civic Values promotes civic involvement through a series of online project examples and explanations to help strengthen communities and citizen participation in government. Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research This consortium based at the University of Michigan gives an overview of its services here. The site also contains vast files about politics and social change. American election studies, census data, studies of conflict and war, organizational behavior and social indicators are a few of the topics indexed. John F. Kennedy School of Government The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University offers a graduate program for would-be idealists who are entering the political arena. Visitors to this home page can link to departmental information, check out lists of classes, peruse KSG publications, negotiate their way around campus mps and more. K9 Academy For Law Enforcement: The Police Dog Home Pages e.htm The K9 Academy For Law Enforcement, an Anaheim, Calif.-based police training center, seeks to provide education in effective and ethical canine law enforcement and protection. Visit here for general information, online police and business resources, dog owner associations and more. Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance Keio University's Graduate School of Media and Governance offers details about lectures and current projects at the school through this Web page. Most texts are in Japanese, with some in English. Uniformed Services University of the Health The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences is the nation's federal health sciences university. Visitors to its home page will find its mission statement, admissions requirements and general program information. University of North Carolina Institute of Government Home Page The server of the Institute of Government at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill offers resources for governmental training and research. Find North Carolina state government directories as well as U.S. government information source indices. Government : U.S. Government : Agencies & Departments BISNIS Online s/bisnis.html BISNIS Online is the home page for the U.S. Department of Commerce's Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States. Visit here to find resources for doing business in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Brookhaven National Laboratory The Brookhaven National Laboratory, part of the U.S. Department of Energy, provides information here on its laboratory research, user facilities, departments and administrative offices. Includes database access and employment opportunity listings. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms treasury/bureaus/atf/atf.html Visitors to the home page of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm s can examine its mission statement and bureau news releases. Included here are bureau publications and news about the agency's activities, plus a link to the Treasury Department's home page. Bureau of Indian Affairs - Alaskan Native Americans ov/doi/bureau-indian-affairs.html The Bureau of Indian Affairs details its services for tribal government and native village communities in Alaska here. Visitors will find general information and addresses for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Bureau of Indian Affairs, Division of Energy and Mineral Resources The Bureau of Indian Affairs' Division of Energy and Mineral Resources outlines the services it provides for Indians with mineral rights here. The page includes databases of mineral exploration and extraction by reservation, as well as bureau publications. Bureau of Labor Statistics Gopher The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers this publicly available gopher server with access to its vital statistics and documentation. Check out Economy at a Glance for a monthly overview of demographics such as the unemployment rate, average earnings and consumer price indices. The public database, LABSTAT, provides current and historical data for more than 20 surveys and news releases. Bureau of Reclamation The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation manages water west of the Mississippi River. It is the largest wholesale supplier of water in the country, and it also sells hydroelectric power. It provides an overview of its work here and posts news releases, project updates and job openings. Bureau of Transportation Statistics The U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics offers access to resources related to pedestrians, transit, safety, design and other transportation issues at this informational site. Link to the National Transportation Library, Office of Airline Information or Geographical Information Services. Center for Information Technology Accommodation Maintained by the U.S. Center for Information Technology Accommodation, this server acts as a "clearinghouse of information on making Information Systems accessible to all users." Topics featured include legislation and policies, information resources, and Web page design guidelines. Centers for Disease Control The home page for the Centers for Disease Control includes general information and current news about the CDC, discussions of diseases, health risks and injuries, and a link to the CDC Wonder system, a database of CDC reports, guidelines and public health data. Visitors can also link to CDC internal centers such as Environmental Health, Infectious Diseases and the National Immunization Program. Central Intelligence Agency Explore publicly available information from and about the U.S. "spy" service, the Central Intelligence Agency. At this official home page, access CIA publications, news releases and an agency-generated fact sheet. Central Intelligence Agency, Office of the Director This is the official Web site for the Office of the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Visitors can link to the CIA's central Web server or to the U.S. Intelligence Community Web server. Consumer Price Index b/price The University of Michigan gathers information from the Commerce Department's Economic Bulletin Board and posts it here. The site includes detailed Consumer Price Index data and import and export price index reports. Consumer Product Safety Commission Gopher The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission provides a range of product information here for consumers and manufacturers. Visitors can download the agency's reports and publications, or link to other U.S. government gophers from this menu. Defense Mapping Agency Working to "provide global geospatial mapping information and services to support and advance national security objectives," the Defense Mapping Agency serves "the unified commands, military services, DoD and other federal agencies." Learn more about this U.S. government agency, its mission and its products. Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service Welcome to the discount warehouse of surplus U.S. Defense Department government supplies. Public shoppers can eyeball the wares here -- everything from automobiles and aircraft parts to clothing, computers, furniture, scrap metal and more. Defense Supply Center, Columbus Located in Ohio, the Defense Supply Center, Columbus -- a building procurement operation of the U.S. government -- maintains this site detailing its activities and services. Links to DSCC software is also available. Department of Agriculture Gopher The U.S. Department of Agriculture has established this gopher site where users can easily access information on USDA programs. Visitors will find everything from news releases and legislative information to files about disaster relief programs. Department of Commerce The U.S. Department of Commerce maintains this site for news, news releases and an extensive index of information services. Includes links to other federal departments and resources. Department of Education The U.S. Department of Education home page contains loads of links to education-related resources and institutions throughout the world. Visitors will find information on department programs and services here, as well as access to publications, grant information and more. Department of Education, Office of Inspector General .html The home page of the Office of the Inspector General presents the Education Department's goal to assure the continued improvement of the national education program. Find links to regional offices and related education sites. Department of Energy Home Page The Department of Energy's Home Page includes information about services, hot topics such as new laser programs and related people, places and organizations. Includes links to other energy sites. Department of Energy Office of Energy Research This U.S. Department of Energy site provides information on basic research and the development of new techniques in energy sciences. Find information on magnetic fusion energy, high energy nuclear physics and other alternatives to traditional energy production. Department of Energy Office of Human Radiation Experiments Read recently declassified federal documents on the U.S. government's radiation tests on humans during the Cold War. This Department of Energy site is part of an attempt to make public a dark chapter in U.S. history. Department of Energy Office of Procurement and Assistance Management tml The U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Procurement and Assistance Management serves up a wealth of internal organization info here. Visitors can peruse procurement announcements, newsletters, training, property management advice and links to related information servers. Department of Energy Technology Information Network This electronic network is designed to promote technology-based partnerships between American industry and the U.S. Department of Energy's scientific facilities. Selections allow visitors to gather information pertaining to the department's laboratories and programs. Department of Health and Human Services Gopher The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services maintains this gopher server to provide access to DHHS documents and information. Data from the Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health and Social Security Administration can be found here. Department of Housing and Urban Development The home page of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides general information, HUD research findings, profiles of selected cities and neighborhoods, and a guide to housing. Department of the Interior The U.S. Department of the Interior's home page offers daily news updates along with general departmental information. Find employment listings and links to the natural resources management agency's bureaus, offices and committees. Department of Justice Gopher Menu The gopher server of the Department of Justice features files from the attorney general's office, the FBI and other agencies. Also available are attorney job listings, news releases and Justice Department internal administrative documents. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service This U.S. Department of State page details the nation's counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics rewards programs. Also find information on the passport and visa fraud investigations program. Department of Transportation The U.S. Department of Transportation maintains this site for general information. Visit to learn about DOT programs, activities and personnel. Links to sites of related interest are also featured. Department of Transportation Gopher Visit the U.S. Department of Transportation gopher server to access transport statistics and reports or to query a departmental phone directory. The archive also holds information about agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Highway Administration. Department of the Treasury Information on the U.S. Treasury Department's services is available here, along with details on its bureaus, special events and projects. Includes tax help from the Internal Revenue Service, sanctions and embargo information, and seized-property auction listings. Department of the Treasury, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center www.ustreas. gov/treasury/bureaus/fletc/fletc.html The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center of the U.S. Department of the Treasury maintains this site for general information. Visit here to learn about the center and its staff. The Department of the Treasury, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network www.ustrea The Department of the Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network investigates money laundering. Visit here for an overview of the agency and its efforts. The site includes news releases and the department's Suspicious Activity Report. The Department of the Treasury, United States Mint www.ustreas.go v/treasury/bureaus/mint/mint.html This is the U.S. Department of the Treasury's home page for the U.S. Mint system. Visitors will find an organizational overview and information on special commemorative mints. Department of Veterans Affairs This is the official Web site for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Visitors will find profiles of veterans, details of veteran benefits, and descriptions of facilities and research programs. Drug Enforcement Administration The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration serves up a wealth of organizational info here. Check out the DEA mission statement, news releases, publications and employment opportunities, or link to the home page of the U.S. Department of Justice. Energy Information Administration The Energy Information Administration is the "U.S. government's statistical agency with responsibility for the collection and dissemination of energy data and analysis." Visit this searchable Web site to find energy market analyses, consumption and price data, and other related items and links. Environmental Protection Agency The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Web server offers browsers a substantial index of information about the federal agency. Areas of interest featured include EPA offices, laboratories, grants, contracts, legislation and publications. FDA News The U.S. Food and Drug Administration maintains this site to provide regularly updated information about a variety of national health concerns. Visit here for information about FDA activities, programs, publications and more, or link to the FDA home page. Federal Aviation Administration The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration maintains this site to introduce its programs and services. Visit here for news, aviation-related World Wide Web sites and links to other online government resources. Federal Aviation Administration, Technical Center The Federal Aviation Administration's Technical Center home page links users to aviation research, development and engineering information. For the technically inclined rather than policy wonks, a typical link takes the browser to the Reconfigurable Cockpit Simulator Laboratory Home Page. Federal Bureau of Investigation The FBI home page offers news from the crime front, contact information, investigation overviews and updates, public notices, official statements and links to related government departments. But of particular interest is the online version of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list of fugitives. Federal Bureau of Prisons .html The director of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons delivers the official line on the protection of society via the "controlled environments of prisons" at this site. Review official bureau policies and programs here. Federal Communications Commission The Federal Communications Commission is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. Visitors to its site will find general information, consumer alerts, auction schedules and other items of interest. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Founded in 1933 by the U.S. Congress, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation "promotes the safety and soundness" of the nation's banking system. Visit its home page for current assets sales and information on financial institutions across the United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency The Federal Emergency Management Agency has a broad range of responsibilities: disaster education, assisting in local and state emergency preparedness, coordinating the federal response to disasters, training emergency managers and more. Here, it provides an overview of its work, news of recent natural disasters and information on how to seek federal relief. Federal Information Exchange, Inc.< br> The Federal Information Exchange oversees the transfer and flow of information among other federal agencies in reference to minority affairs. This searchable site features information on FEDIX and minorities, cross-agency lists and downloadable files. Federal Networking Council The Federal Networking Council has established a committee to critique and improve federal-agency computer networks. Visitors can download committee reports and meeting minutes here. The site also links to dozens of NASA gopher menus. Federal Trade Commission The U.S. Federal Trade Commission's home page provides information about the agency's regulations, enforcement powers and consumer services. Includes news releases, public notices and access to the FTC ConsumerLine. Food and Drug Administration The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates the production and distribution of more than $1 trillion worth of food, cosmetics and medical products every year. Visit its home page to learn about its programs, facilities and administrators. Links to related agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services, are also available here. Food and Drug Administration, Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition This is a gateway to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's main page and to its Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition. Links to other sites of topical interest are also featured. General Accounting Office The investigative arm of Congress, the General Accounting Office is "charged with examining matters relating to the receipt and disbursement of public funds." Visit here to link to the GAO Daybook and monthly Reports and Testimony archives. General Services Administration This government site provides information about the U.S. General Services Administration's organization, policies and regional offices. Visitors can access federal purchasing and travel facts aimed at government workers and agencies, or link to GSA publications and training center home pages. Government Agency WWW Servers w.servers/government.html This page contains an alphabetical index of U.S. government agency Web servers. Features also include a link to the Federal Information Exchange. Health Care Financing Administration The Health Care Financing Administration, the agency that administers Medicare and Medicaid, maintains this site offering an overview of its mission and its programs. Statistics, data rates, reports, regulations, laws, manuals and research are available for review. Housing and Urban Development Gopher This gopher menu is maintained by HUD, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Information on every major HUD program area can be found here, as well as info on assets and sales, loans that are held on properties and a Research Information Service. Articles and materials that result from HUD's research are also available. IGnet -- Inspectors General Network t/ig.html IGnet links more than 60 federal offices of inspectors general and provides public access to I.G. information. The site includes reports, hot line numbers to report fraud and a list of the inspectors general. Institute for Telecommunication Sciences< br> The National Telecommunications & Information Administration is a U.S. federal organization that oversees telecommunications policy. Included here are links to sites about telecommunications research and technology, public safety, grants, and NTIA activities and organizations. The Intelligence Community The Intelligence Community is a group of 13 U.S. government agencies, headed by the CIA, involved in what is politely called "intelligence gathering activities." Find out who they are what they do (sort of) at this Web site from the Office of the Director of Central Intelligence. Key Events in CIA's History sections/history.html Key Events in CIA's History offers a brief timeline of the American intelligence organization's most important and least controversial moments, including the recent expansion of its headquarters facilities. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory home page contains background on the research facility, links to research groups and staff personal home pages. Visitors can also access listings of publications, news items and pointers to related resources. NASA Dryden Flight Research Center Located in Edwards, Calif., Dryden Flight Research Center is an aeronautic research facility and space-shuttle landing site. The center's home page provides information about its research projects -- current and historic -- and details on a free tour available to visitors. NASA Network Information Center NASA's Network Information Center assists the public in accessing NASA resources. Visitors to the center's home page can learn more about it, or they can directly access NASA's information and photo files. The National Archives and Research Administration The National Archives and Records Administration is the arm of the U.S. government responsible for preserving and maintaining official records since 1774. The archives here are massive and include everything from genealogical and biographical data to official petitions and legislative records. National Coordination Office for High Performance Computing and Communications This office coordinates High Performance Computing and Communication activities and acts as a liaison for the program's participants. Vistors to this site can learn more about the NCO and HPCC, read publications, find grants and awards info, and link to related sites. National Endowment for the Humanities The National Endowment for the Humanities, a government agency that funds projects in history, philosophy and other areas of the humanities, details its organization, background and aims here. The site includes application guidelines, an overview of recent awards and a list of current grantees. National Estuary Program The Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Water (wetlands, oceans and watersheds) maintains this site detailing the agency's National Estuary Program. Features include a map-based interface and a keyword search for accessing data, as well as a categorized index of links. National Institute of Standards and Technology The Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology works to promote economic growth through technology, measurements and standards. Visitors will get an overview of NIST and its programs here, and can search an online database of its documents. National Institutes of Health This gateway site provides links to servers and offices at the National Institutes of Health. The federal government agency offers info on news and events listings, health initiatives, scientific resources, grants and contracts. National Nuclear Data Center .html Funded by the Department of Energy, the National Nuclear Data Center provides "information services in the fields of low and medium energy nuclear physics." Visit this site for nuclear structure and decay data, and nuclear reaction data. National Ocean Service The U.S. government monitors and maintains its coastal and oceanic environments with the help of the National Ocean Service. Visitors who hear the call of the sea can review agency fact sheets, newsletters and news releases at this site. National Renewable Energy Laboratory The U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewal Energy Laboratory conducts efficiency research to develop new clean technologies for heating, lighting and powering U.S. buildings and vehicles. Access the lab's research areas, program activities and information resources here. National Science Foundation An independent agency of the federal government, the National Science Foundation "promotes the progress of science and engineering." Visitors to this site will find an overview of the NSF and its areas of focus, current news and information on grants. National Security Agency An agency within the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency provides specialized services "to protect U.S. communications and produce foreign intelligence." Find an overview of the agency, its mission and employment opportunities at this site. Also find the National Cryptologic Museum. National Technology Transfer Center Considered "the hub of a national network linking U.S. companies with federal technologies," the National Technology Transfer Center posts this overview of its activities, projects and available information. Find out about the center's free technical assistance by phone or link to technology gateways. National Telecommunications and Information Administration The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is a U.S. federal agency that oversees telecommunications policy. Included here are links to sites about telecommunications research and technology, public safety, grants, NTIA activities and related organizations. Natural Resources Conservation Service An agency of the Department of Agriculture, the Natural Resources Conservation Service "works with landowners on private lands to conserve natural resources." Visit this site to learn more about the NRCS and its conservation partners. Also find technical resources and links to topical sites. NOAA National Oceanographic Data Center< br> This home page for the U.S. National Oceanographic Data Center provides ocean data management and ocean data services to researchers and other users around the world. The NODC is one of the environmental data centers operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Non-military uses of nuclear energy span the commercial, academic and medical realms. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission keeps an eye on peaceful uses of nuclear energy to ensure public health. Review NRC programs and policies at its home page. Occupational Safety and Health Act Regulations /OshStd_toc/OSHA_Std_toc.html Visitors to this page will find a table of pointers to Department of Labor OSHA regulations. Links to standard interpretations of the regulations are also provided. Occupational Safety and Health Administration The Occupational Safety and Health Administration maintains this informational site. Visit here for news releases, publications, compliance assistance information and other resources for "saving lives, preventing injuries and protecting the health of America's workers." Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management This Department of Energy page on the Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management features an introduction to its mission as well as details about plans for nuclear waste storage at facilities around the country. It includes links to recent testimony and speeches. Office of Surface Mining The Office of Surface Mining is the regulatory agency that oversees surface mining. Its charge is to protect citizens and the environment around active mines and to pursue reclamation of abandoned coal mines. This page has information about the agency, its mission and vision. Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement The U.S. Department of the Interior presents the home page for its Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement. Visitors will find links to related legislation, policy, projects, maps and budgets. There are also links to related mining and environmental sites and resources. Office of Technology Assessment The Office of Technology Assessment explores "complex issues involving science and technology, helps the U.S. Congress identify policy options and provides foresight about new developments." Visitors to its home page will find background, publications and info on ongoing studies. Peace Corps The U.S. Peace Corps sends 4,000 citizens every year overseas to help interested nations train their own citizens. This page recruits volunteers and donors, and provides a history of the organization, a list of countries it serves, information on "stuff you'll do overseas" and publications. Social Security Online Social Security Online is a service of the Social Security Administration. As such, it is the most authoritative Web source for all kinds of info on Social Security benefits, forms and resources. Territorial and International Affairs in The Territorial and International Affairs division of the U.S. Department of the Interior provides an overview of its administration and affairs here. Visitors can obtain contact information or link to the home page of the Department of the Interior. U.S. Agency for International Development The Agency for International Development, an independent federal government agency providing foreign assistance and humanitarian aid, maintains this informational site. Visitors will find news and overviews from a variety of its programs. U.S. Agency for International Development Gopher Information about the U.S. Agency for International Development and its hands-across-the-waters development efforts are featured at this gopher site. USAID documents, publications, Congressional presentations and other resources are also available. U.S. Bureau of Mines Gopher The Bureau of Mines gopher server contains general information about the agency, publications, research information, tip sheets, releases and speeches, plus other mining gophers. The gopher was last updated before the bureau announced in the fall of 1995 that it would be closing. U.S. Census Bureau The Census Bureau, the federal agency that tracks demographic trends and population statistics in the country, offers access to its databases on population and housing, the economy and geography here. The site includes a search tool. U.S. Census Bureau Tiger Map Service Cartography buffs should check out the home page for the Tiger Map Service, sponsored by the Bureau of the Census. TMS's goal is to provide a public resource for generating high-quality, detailed maps of anywhere in the United States, using public geographic data. U.S. Customs Service www.ustr The Department of the Treasury posts this page to outline the mission of the Customs Service. Also find information on Customs public auctions and links to other Treasury bureaus. U.S. Department of Agriculture The Department of Agriculture offers current news, an overview of its seven program mission areas and a message from the secretary to those who visit this home page. Links to the department's agencies, a topical guide to its programs and an online visitors center are also featured. U.S. Department of Energy The Department of Energy provides an overview of its work here, along with updates on it projects. Visit for news of upcoming public meetings, text of the Secretary of Energy's speeches and correspondence, and an archive of declassified information. U.S. Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management The Department of Energy's Office of Environmental Management provides regulatory and environmental information here. The office also gives visitors an overview of its mission to protect human health and the environment. U.S. Department of Justice The Department of Justice maintains this site for access to its internal organizations, issues-related materials and information resources. Includes links to other federal government and criminal justice departments. U.S. Department of Labor The Department of Labor provides an overview of the federal bureau, its agencies and mission. Includes information about America's Job Bank, relevant statutes and regulations, programs, activities and grants. U.S. Department of State Foreign Affairs Network This server provides access to the State Department's Foreign Affairs Network gopher and other resources. Visitors are invited to take a photographic tour of the department or review reports of interest on current events. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service The Fish and Wildlife Service stocks this Web site with a wealth of U.S. wildlife information. Learn about coastal ecosytems, conservation programs, federal aid, fisheries and more. Visitors can also read about employment opportunities. U.S. Geological Survey EROS Data Center Find a variety of cartographic, earth science, satellite topographic and other data at this U.S. Geological Survey facility. Also find links to current research projects, EROS Data Center affiliates and the USGS home page. U.S. Information Agency Home Page An independent foreign affairs agency, the U.S. Information Agency maintains this site to introduce its services and programs. Visitors will find links to educational and cultural exchange resources, history collections, staff profiles and the agency's international affairs activities. U.S. International Trade Commission Among other duties, the U.S. International Trade Commission provides trade expertise to the executive and legislative branches of the federal government. Visit the commission's home page to find trade reports, information on current investigations into unfair trade practices and links to related resources. U.S. Marshals Service .html The nation's oldest federal law enforcement agency, the U.S. Marshals Service provides this page offering an overview of the agency's history and mission. Contact information is also provided. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office The Patent and Trademark office provides general information at this home page. Visitors will find announcements, details on pending public hearings and explanations of office services. U.S. Postal Service Consumer Information Step up to the Web window of the Postal Service, offering the kinds of information that keeps Internet-savvy consumers from waiting in line. Rate and delivery guides are included, as well as tips on fraud and how to acquire unclaimed parcels. U.S. Postal Service Internet Branch The Postal Service has opened this "branch" on the Internet to offer customers information about ZIP codes, stamps and other USPS products and services. The site also features a business-oriented section the postmaster promises could prove profitable to businesses that depend heavily on the mail. Government : U.S. Government : Archives & Indices CCER National Budget Simulation garnet.berkeley.ed u:3333/budget/budget.html The National Budget Simulation is a vibrant visual aid for browsers to see the tradeoffs necessary to balance the U.S. budget. For purposes of clarity, the simulation asks that the 1995 fiscal deficit be cut all in one year. Consumer Information Center Commercials /multimed.htm Nostalgic visitors can download examples of the Consumer Information Center's award-winning (and much beloved) television commercials and print ads here. Each of these gems once advertised the free Consumer Information Catalog -- you know, the one you get from Pueblo, Colo. CSM's E-Mail your U.S. Government ovemail.htm Browsers will find a wealth of political information here, including e-mail addresses for the White House and members of Congress. The page also includes statistics for the national debt, text of bills before Congress, Supreme Court decisions since 1990 and e-mail addresses for Senate committees. The page is maintained by Cyber Space Marketing. Data and Analysis Center for Software An overview, databases, technical reports and program information are available at this site of the Data and Analysis Center for Software from the U.S. Department of Defense. The pages are searchable. Declassified Satellite Photographs s/dclass.html This sampling of recently declassified intelligence satellite photographs from the '60s is an offering of the U.S. Geological Survey. Images on display here include Soviet Airfield, Aral Sea and Klyuchevskaya Volcano. EPA's Environmental Futures/Comparative Risk Gopher The EPA's Environmental Futures/Comparative Risk Gopher site provides A-Z documentation for those interested in U.S. environmental policy. Also featured are links to other federal gopher sites with information relevant to environmental policies and research. Federal Acquisition Jumpstation fedproc/home.html The Federal Acquisition Jumpstation provides a gateway to information on federal procurement offices, procedures and business opportunities for government contractors. Includes pointers to small business assistance, aquisition regulations and instructions for electronic commerce in the federal arena. Federal Government Information on the Internet Librarians and anyone else looking for reference information on U.S. government documents can turn to this directory page, which also has pointers to state and local sites, university links and library catalogues. Federal Information Center - United States Government chome.htm A function of the General Services Administration, the Federal Information Center provides citizens with answers to questions about the government. Visit here to learn about the center and access its directory of telephone numbers to call. Federal Information Exchange Home Page The Federal Information Exchange indexes a broad array of employment, equipment exchange and grant opportunities for educators and researchers looking for a piece of the federal pie. Find listings from minority colleges and universities, a used equipment network, and general research and employment initiatives. Federal Regulatory Information asa.ugl The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor presents this collection of federal regulatory information arranged alphabetically by agency. Here, visitors will find regulations for all U.S. government agencies. The Federal Web Locator d-Agency/fedwebloc.html Maintained "to bring the cyber citizen to the federal government's doorstep," this locator intends to provide one-stop shopping for links to federal government and related sites. Link to anything from the Library of Congress to tax analysts here. FedWorld Home Page The National Technical Information Service provides FedWorld "to help with the challenge of accessing U.S. government information online." The goal of this site is to help the public locate and order government information. Visitors will find links to government information servers and recent government reports here. Government Agency WWW Servers w.servers/government.html This page contains an alphabetical index of U.S. government agency Web servers. Features also include a link to the Federal Information Exchange. Government Databases< br> This listing of government databases provides links to the Congressional Record, United Nations, the Joint Economic Committee and other U.S. government information resources. Government Information /Libs/PCL/Government.html Find an extensive index of U.S. government resources on this server. Databases, reference works and documents of every description from the House, Senate and the executive branch are featured. Links to info on Texas are also included. Government Information Locator Service tml The Government Information Locator Service aims to identify and provide access to government information resources. Visitors to this Web site can access information about GILS and technical topics related to the service, or search U.S. Government Printing Office resources. Government Information Sharing Project The goal of the Government Information Sharing Project at Oregon State University is to demonstrate how technology can be used to create a user-friendly system for accessing U.S. federal government information. Government Information Xchange The federal government's General Services Administration provides an extensive index to federal, state and local government sites here. It also includes a federal Yellow Pages and links to foreign government sites. Governmental Gopher Menu from ACE Americans Communicating Electronically provides access to a wide variety of governmental menus, from the U.S. Forest Service to the executive office, here. The group also gives an overview of its work and goals on this site. Independent Federal Agencies and Commissions tml This page from the White House's Interactive Citizen's Handbook features a list of governmental agency seals. The seals act as hot links to the agencies and commissions they represent. Interactive Citizen's Handbook /html/handbook.html The Interactive Citizen's Handbook offers visitors a variety of tools for learning about the government. Search for specific items of interest on the White House database and all the federal government's Web sites, access the Government Information Locator Service, or follow the links provided and take a leisurely tour. Jobs, Labor, and Management Visitors to this site from the FedWorld Information Network will find an annotated index of links to job-, labor- and management-related U.S. government servers. Employment opportunities listings, labor statistics and pointers to other government information servers also are offered. LEGI-SLATE Inc. Gopher LEGI-SLATE's gopher service offers access to U.S. congressional and regulatory information. Although many areas offer free browsing, subscriptions are required for unrestricted server access. Library of Congress Federal Information Gopher /federal/fedinfo/byagency We hold these truths to be self evident, that information about all government branches is available on this gopher site, that users may read the Constitution of the United States here or use this site to explore the inner workings of government agencies.